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Rún - Samhein (Ukraine 2008) @320

The band RÚN (Rún -- from Gaelic: secret, intention, motion (of a dialog); in the word-combination a rún -- my love, my dear) was founded in 2001 as a result of its members' "Celtic mania" and their striving for creative activity.
"Since then we perform traditional music of Celtic peoples in the form it exists nowadays, focusing primarily on Irish music.e study the authentic performance manner and try to play our repertoire on traditional instruments."
RÚN works in close cooperation with Kiev Irish and Scottish dance schools, organizes joint performances and folk dance master-classes.
RÚN is a friend of ecological NGOs organizations and willingly participates in their actions.

01. A Short Moment of Serenity
02. Wired to the Moon
03. Hardiman the Fiddler
04. Charley Harris
05. Walls of Liscarroll
06. The New Rigged Ship
07. Dia Do Beatha
08. Lord Mayo
09. Black-haired Lass
10. Rights of Blackbird
11. Across the Black River
12. Smoke the Feathers
13. Farewell to Sanity
14. The End of Darkness
15. Na Maithe Mora

Andriy Yakovenko - bouzouki, whistles, flute
Olga Kuzmanenko - bodhran
Anastasia Kandyrina - fiddle, viola
Mykola Ivanov - viola, fiddle, mandolin, gaita
Sergiy Kadenko - guitar

Recorded at the Studio of National Culture and Arts' Management Academy of 
Ukraine (Kyiv), April-September '08
Soundengineer: Taras (Jim) Davydenko
Mixed & mastered by: Sergiy Nagorny, RÚN
Photos: Eugen Sosnitsky, Mykola Ivanov
Cover design: Tetiana Kuzmina, RÚN

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