Monday, May 25, 2015

Stelios Petrakis, Efrén López, Bijan Chemirani - [2011 Greece/Spain/Iran] - Mavra Froudia @320

L'Ham de Foc related.

The latest project of this three musicians recognized in different disciplines: Stelios Petrakis, one of the most well-known performers and makers of Cretan lyra al lute of the new generation. Efrén López, Valencian multiinstrumentalist founder of L'Ham de Foc and collaborator with many bands dedicated to European Early music, and percussionist Bijan Chemirani, born into a musical family and heir to the great tradition of persian zarb. We proposed a program of original compositions based on rhythms and scales of different backgrounds: Crete and other Greek islands, Medieval Europe, Turkey and Iran.

01 - Mavra Froudia   5:24
02 - Üç Telli   8:50
03 - Hortus Deliciarum   6:46
04 - Sybritos   5:47
05 - A.A.A.A.A.A.A   6:34
06 - El Núvol D'Oort   8:24
07 - Saros   4:19
08 - Pano Choros   5:37

STELIOS PETRAKIS (Greece): Cretan lyra, Cretan laouto
EFRÉN LÓPEZ (Spain): hurdy-gurdy, rabab, fretless guitar, kopuz, laouto
BIJAN CHEMIRANI (Iran): zarb, bendir, daf

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