Saturday, June 27, 2015

Peatbog Faeries - Dust [2011 Scotland] @320

With their unique approach to the Scottish tradition, Peatbog Faeries play to audiences all over the world. This album takes them in a new direction and could be long time producer Calum McLean's finest hour. As McLean said himself "this album has been the best musical experience of my life".

New members have provided fresh impetus to the direction and creativity of the band: Fiddle player Peter Tickell brings a youthful enthusiasm. He has developed experimental techniques in the use of fiddle effects while remaining rooted in his tradition. Peter currently also plays in Sting's band. Drummer Stu Haikney brings a vast store of experience to the band and incorporates sampling into his live playing.

The band prioritised live takes as the starting point for the album bringing the sound closer to the thrill of their "on stage" performances. The band began the process, in their studio, in Orbost, Skye before doing final takes in the studios of Cumbernauld College. The band loved working with the students there and "handpicked" four of them to take part in the engineering process under the beady eye of Calum Mclean.

01. Calgary Capers  5:09
02. The Naughty Step  5:37
03. Dun Beag  6:15
04. Spiegel and Nongo  6:02
05. Passport Panic  6:09
06. Abhainn a' Nathair (River of Snakes)  5:11
07. Marx Terrace  6:30
08. Bunny for Breakfast  4:06
09. Ascent of Conival  4:45
10. Fishing at Orbost  6:39
11. Room 215  4:24

Peter Morrison: pipes; whistles
Peter Tickell: fiddle; effects
Graeme Stafford: keyboards
Stu Haikney: drums
Tom Salter: guitars
Innes Hutton: bass

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sons Libres - Danses du Soleil (2008 France) @320

Anne Guinot (accordéon chromatique, choeurs)
Adama Diop (chant, djembé, cajon, derbouka )

01. Salamalecs (valse à 5 temps, pour salutations interminables)
02. Ba benéene yoon - A Bientôt (valse à 3 temps)
03. Yaëlle / C'est bien gentil (chapelloise)
04. Pyjama rose (scottish de la petite qui danse)
05. Repères (bourrée 3 temps pour ne pas se perdre)
06. Neige (polska)
07. Mbëgel - Amour (hip hop)
08. Wëndeelu - Tourner (cercle circassien)*
09. Sokhna - L'Epouse (valse du mari perdu)
10. Histoire d'une valse bourrée (bourrée 3 temps)*
11. Beyna (berceuse pulaar)
12. Samay waajur - Mes parents (zouk)
13. Danse du soleil (scottish Dancehall)*
14. Barça wala Balsaq - L'Exil ou la Mort (interlude)
15. Mamadou (mazurka)
16. Gaal gaa ngi rëbbi - La Pirogue va pêcher (trad sénégalais)

Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro - Escales (2012 BEL) @320

01 - Coco Beloeil
02 - Les Tartes De Chaumont-Gistoux
03 - Aglaë
04 - Ninja Fornicka
05 - Mister The Bridge
06 - L'escale
07 - Porto Bis
08 - L'énigme Du Gingembre
09 - L'asticot De Choc
10 - Milena (Live In Boussu)

SOPHIE CAVEZ: accordéon diatonique

Friday, June 19, 2015

Väsen - Mindset (2013 Sweden) @VBR~240

Mindset reflects very much where the trio is musically at the moment. A set of original tunes with big variations. A band more tuned in to each other, more inventive and more skilled than ever before. 
Väsen is one of the best bands in the world, and once again, they've delivered.

1. Byxen, Fisen & Blåsen 
2. Hembrännarmarsch 
3. Polska for Tom Morrow 
4. Marsch i April 
5. Lilla Kulturbidragsvalsen 
6. Träbens-Jonke 
7. Magnus 
8. Fanny 
9. Johans Vals 
10. Hundlåten 
11. Spacekadetten 
12.Maja & Tobbes Brudvals 
13. Kludd'n 
14. Pilvi & Eskos Brudvals

Mikael MARIN: alto, violino grande 
Olov JOHANSSON: nyckelharpa, kontrabasharpa, oktavnyckelharpa 
Roger TALLROTH: 12 strings guitar, tenor guitar 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Phønix - Nu [2014 Denmark] @320

One more Yojik's contribution!

5 stars in Froots magazine:
“It's is six years since Phønix last made an album, so this latest, excellent one genuinely deserves that old cliché “long awaited”. And it doesn't disappoint.”

“Nu” contains a bouquet of Danish folk songs in new versions and arrangements, as well as a number of instrumental tracks composed by the band members. On the new album the well-known groovy Phønix sound (based on percussion, bass clarinet, accordion and vocals) has been refined with new elements like keys, synth, backing vocals.

01 Skrædderen og Soen (Trad/Phønix) 3.48 
02. Maria (Trad/Karen Mose) 5.04 
03. Rønnild (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.28 
04. Go' tid (Anja Præst/Jesper Vinther) 5.04 
05. Svineryggen (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.31 
06. Stolt Signild (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.53 
07. Nordlys Schottish (Anja Præst/Karen Mose) 3.38 
08. Hr. Peders Sørejse (Trad/Karen Mose) 5.23 
09. Sven N (Trad/Jesper Vinther) 3.39 
10. Den bortsolgte (Trad/Karen Mose/Jesper Vinther) 5.13 
11. Windros reflections (Jesper Vinther/Karen Mose) 4.41

Karen Mose: vokal og keys
Anja Præst: klarinet og basklarinet
Jesper Falch: percussion
Jesper Vinther: harmonika

Monday, June 8, 2015

Duo Bottasso - Crescendo (Italy 2014) @320

Piedmont born Simone (diatonic accordion) and Nicolò Bottasso (fiddle) are confident and conscious musicians, who deeply master the grammar of traditional styles. What’s more, they don’t stand still, for them tradition is not to be placed untouched in a museum. Simone and Nicolò Bottasso play contemporary folk music, whose geographical boundaries sometimes become blurred.

The Bottasso brothers, Nicolò on violin and Simone on diatonic accordion, play a show of world music with their own compositions and reinterpretations of folk songs. The Duo is always looking for a compromise between the delicacy on their instruments and the explosive energy that never fails to these two young musicians: all this combined with the complicity of this two brothers bound by the desire to keep evolving the tradition of their homeland.

In 2014 Duo Bottasso releases his first album Crescendo, featuring Elena Ledda, Mauro Palmas, Gilson Silveira and many others guests. Cresendo symbolizes both the music dynamics and a the story of two brother musicians firmly rooted in the dance music of the Occitan area in Italy, aiming at the adeventuring in the paths of new compositions and improvisation.The Duo played in many important festivals and works as directors and teachers for the orchestral project Folkestra&Folkoro.

1. Cosa faresti se non avessi paura? (S.Bottasso)
2. Diatofonia N.7 (S.Bottasso)
3. Reina (S.Bottasso / M.G.Ledda)
4. Monkerrina (S.Bottasso)
5. Bourrée (trad)
6. Receita de Samba / Scottish sfasà ( Bandolim / S.Peron)
7. The Rose of Raby / Incantata (D.Shepherd / N.Bottasso)
8. Crescendo (S.Bottasso)
9. Magicicada (S.Bottasso) 

Nicolò Bottasso: violin, viola, trumpet
Simone Bottasso: diatonic accordion, flute, baritone sax, electronics 

Elena Ledda: voice  
Jacopo Albini: tenor sax  
Filippo Ansaldi: alto sax  
Christian Thoma: english horn  
Mauro Palmas  
Umberto Fantini: violin  
Maurizio Redegoso: alto  
Manuel Zigante: cello  
Pietro Numico: keyboards  
Luca Curcio: double bass  
Gilson Silveira: percussion

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro - Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro (Belgium 2010) @320

One more Yojik's courtesy :)

01 - Athina
02 - Gaspacho
03 - Poisson D'Avril
04 - Blanche
05 - Turbulences 2
06 - Moufflekes
07 - Torgnoles En Cinq
08 - Radio Poppy
09 - Makedonsko
10 - Ni Huy Ni Non
11 - Capsule

SOPHIE CAVEZ: accordéon diatonique

Accordzéâm - Accordzéâm Symphonique (France 2014) @320

One more Yojik's courtesy :)

In this new disc, Accordzéâm combines the classical universe and Neotrad: there is boldness in the arrangements, comedy Rating certain melodies hidden in their heart ... and all in the interpretation. Using as a thread Dvořák, Accordzéâm Symphony offers a musical journey between the new America, the "old continent" Europe and the Slavic people ... not to forget to slip a little "French touch" in the journey (after all, the group and the orchestra were recorded in Paris)!

01 - Adagio – Allegro molto, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
02 - Largo, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
03 - Scherzo  Molto vivace, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
04 - Allegro con fuoco, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
05 - Danse Slave n°8 op.46
06 - Valse Tatin
07 - Jerusalem Ridge
08 - Je serai toujours un musicien

Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse, chant)
Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, guitare, ukulélé, flûte, mélodica, chant)
Franck Chenal (batterie, percussions)
Raphaël Maillet (violon, banjo, mandoline, chant)
Michaël Bideault (Accordéon diatonique, harmonica, chant)

Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro - Le 3ème Temps (Belgium 2015) @320

It is in the tender and playful world of Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy (violin) and Sophie Cavez (accordion) Le 3ème Temps that was born. Steeped in many cultures, music is deeply organic and moving, all at once rooted and air. Recorded at Shipyard (creative center of new traditional music and world music located in Correns - 83), this third installment will be released March 30, 2015.

Le 3ème Temps offers rearrangements pieces collected from musicians in France and in the world, according to the many tours of the duo since 2008. We find such music from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Brittany, Provence and Galicia, revisited by Sophie Cavez and Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy with the complicity and freedom that characterize them.
Pursuing in parallel his compositions, the duo also offers us four magnificent titles that complement gracefully the imaginary landscapes crossed listening to this album.

This duo, endearing and talented, has a contagious vibratory sense, limitless potential, incredible strength and velvet notes. Their association made a very foolish.
01 - Mahala
02 - Kaks Kirikut
03 - Titi Neti
04 - Polska De Bonnes
05 - Du Cidre Dans Le Désert
06 - Tamara
07 - Artur Rine Vals
08 - Mendoza & Gülseren
09 - Reel Des Eskimos
10 - Cmoll Vals
11 - Usual Happiness
12 - Minha Galera

SOPHIE CAVEZ: accordéon diatonique

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trio Dhoore - Parachute (Belgium 2015) @320

Trio Dhoore is a great representative of the young generation of Flemish folk musicians. They have powerful melodies composed by themselves, perfect skills for handling their instruments and a good taste! They proof that acoustic music can at the same time swing, touch your deepest soul and be modern in its simplicity.
Toon Van Mierlo
- Naragonia, Hot Griselda -

Some groups seem to come from nowhere and are already forgotten while they are not even out of sight. The guys of Trio Dhoore resolutely opt for the other way. They allow themselves the time to grow in the shade and in the meantime remain constantly scouring the sound and the interplay. In result, as you can hear ... Good tunes of there own making, honest unpretentious folk, swinging like a train. Comme il faut, quoi. Make place for yet another generation of talented folkies!

Maarten Decombel
- Snaarmaarwaar -

1. Cinema Central / Stimulo
2. Hearbeat
3. Way To Kaunas / La Douce Lande
4. Parachute
5. Special Bullets / Air Force
6. Malzacherwals / The Riss Family
7. The Offbeat Jig / Keep Dreaming
8. Very Jeune
9. The Red Rabbit / The Missing Pipes
10. Voor Od En Sára
11. Chameleon
12. Duosprong / Bitching Betty
13. Vihmazurka / Kodumaa 

Koen Dhoore - Hurdy-Gurdy
Hartwin Dhoore - Diatonic accordion
Ward Dhoore - Guitar

Trio Dhoore - Modus Operandi (Belgium 2013) @320

The three Dhoore brothers from Flanders turned a lot of heads with their 2013 debut album Modus Operandi and they are bound to attract more admirers with this even more impressive second release. There is absolutely nothing about this album that is flash or showy. What we head from every track are fine melodies and we are aware of the technical excellence and rare musicality of all three.

1. Kallis
2. Hot Kaspar / Chateau d'Ârs
3. De Kollebloem / De Yurt
4. Retour / Rebelle
5. Ons Sunny / De strakke koefer
6. Coffee Break
7. Vanna Rühnu Kirik
8. Parketpolka
9. DMG / Pater Lieven / Spring Monday
10. Kefir / Late Night
11. Castaar / Kamikaze

12. Voor Toon & Pascale / De Rode Melody

Koen Dhoore (double bass, hurdy gurdy), 
Hartwin Dhoore (bagpipes, diatonic button accordion, flute), 
Ward Dhoore (acoustic guitar)

Monday, June 1, 2015

Beltaine - Miusjik (Poland 2015) @320

Vivid personalities, varied musical experience and inspirations. Musicians that push the boundaries of the traditional music genre’s term. That’s the shortest description of Beltaine – one of the most interesting folk bands in Poland. Primarily Irish and Breton in style, their music marries all types of world music with rhythmic energy and inventiveness of modern beats.

BELTAINE was created in the year of 2002 and after a time of evolving in 2006 it shaped up into a group of seven musicians. They’ve released four studio albums and the live one – recording of the tour with the harp player Jochen Vogel. All of their study albums won „Wirtualne Gęśle” voting organized by Polish Radio and were given the title of the Best Folk Album of a Year.

BELTAINE’s concerts are always rousing music performance, which attract audiences all over the world. So far they have been invited to world music festivals in Malaysia, Mexico, USA and Canada. They also regularly perform at the best festivals all over Europe.

In 2011 Beltaine were given „Irish Music Award” as the Top Celtic Rock Band by American Irish Association.

01 - Two Dogs
02 - Gellete Complete
03 - Db.
04 - Health To The Company
05 - Mjoo (Sic!).
06 - Pol(S)Ka (Feat. Tomasz Drozdek)
07 - Seizh
08 - Chiken In The Bucket
09 - Cruel Sister

Adam Romanski – fiddle 
Grzegorz Chudy – low whistle, vocal, accordion, bombard, bansuri 
Lukasz Kulesza – acoustic guitar 
Bartlomiej Dudek – bass guitar 
Jan Kubek – tabla, cajon, djembe 
Jan Galczewski – irish bouzouki, electric guitar, galician bagpipes, bodhran 
Mateusz Sopata – drums 
Michal Paduch – Synthesizers (chicken in the bucket)
Tomasz Drozdek – Hurdy – Gurdy (pol(s)ka)
Ewelina Ferenc – wokal/vocal (cruel sister)
Mateusz Dyszkiewicz – accordion (chicken in the bucket)
Marcin Polański – Congas (chicken in the bucket)

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