Sunday, June 7, 2015

Accordzéâm - Accordzéâm Symphonique (France 2014) @320

One more Yojik's courtesy :)

In this new disc, Accordzéâm combines the classical universe and Neotrad: there is boldness in the arrangements, comedy Rating certain melodies hidden in their heart ... and all in the interpretation. Using as a thread Dvořák, Accordzéâm Symphony offers a musical journey between the new America, the "old continent" Europe and the Slavic people ... not to forget to slip a little "French touch" in the journey (after all, the group and the orchestra were recorded in Paris)!

01 - Adagio – Allegro molto, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
02 - Largo, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
03 - Scherzo  Molto vivace, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
04 - Allegro con fuoco, symphonie du nouveau monde et d'ailleurs
05 - Danse Slave n°8 op.46
06 - Valse Tatin
07 - Jerusalem Ridge
08 - Je serai toujours un musicien

Nathanaël Malnoury (Contrebasse, chant)
Jonathan Malnoury (Hautbois, guitare, ukulélé, flûte, mélodica, chant)
Franck Chenal (batterie, percussions)
Raphaël Maillet (violon, banjo, mandoline, chant)
Michaël Bideault (Accordéon diatonique, harmonica, chant)


CrimsonKing said...

Accordzéâm Symphonique


Anonymous said...

Hi King.
Another great CD!
Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

great!!! thank U so much!

mario daloiso said...

very fantastic album
thanks to and for all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your work, but it's not possible to unzip the file. It appears an error.

CrimsonKing said...

Try to unpack it in another computer or with other software.
I did the downloud right now and the RAR file is opening without any problem.

Charlotte Chou said...

Awesome!! A special album!!!!!!!

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