Saturday, June 27, 2015

Peatbog Faeries - Dust [2011 Scotland] @320

With their unique approach to the Scottish tradition, Peatbog Faeries play to audiences all over the world. This album takes them in a new direction and could be long time producer Calum McLean's finest hour. As McLean said himself "this album has been the best musical experience of my life".

New members have provided fresh impetus to the direction and creativity of the band: Fiddle player Peter Tickell brings a youthful enthusiasm. He has developed experimental techniques in the use of fiddle effects while remaining rooted in his tradition. Peter currently also plays in Sting's band. Drummer Stu Haikney brings a vast store of experience to the band and incorporates sampling into his live playing.

The band prioritised live takes as the starting point for the album bringing the sound closer to the thrill of their "on stage" performances. The band began the process, in their studio, in Orbost, Skye before doing final takes in the studios of Cumbernauld College. The band loved working with the students there and "handpicked" four of them to take part in the engineering process under the beady eye of Calum Mclean.

01. Calgary Capers  5:09
02. The Naughty Step  5:37
03. Dun Beag  6:15
04. Spiegel and Nongo  6:02
05. Passport Panic  6:09
06. Abhainn a' Nathair (River of Snakes)  5:11
07. Marx Terrace  6:30
08. Bunny for Breakfast  4:06
09. Ascent of Conival  4:45
10. Fishing at Orbost  6:39
11. Room 215  4:24

Peter Morrison: pipes; whistles
Peter Tickell: fiddle; effects
Graeme Stafford: keyboards
Stu Haikney: drums
Tom Salter: guitars
Innes Hutton: bass


CrimsonKing said...



Anonymous said...

This is great stuff - many thanks! Will look out for some more of their stuff to buy.

Anonymous said...

Great band but terrible rip. Brief interruptions of some other kind of music in several tracks, like Room 215 at 0:55 make it unlistenable.

CrimsonKing said...

The album rip is perfect. I downloaded and tested it rightnow.
The problem is in your download or on your computer.

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