Monday, June 15, 2015

Phønix - Nu [2014 Denmark] @320

One more Yojik's contribution!

5 stars in Froots magazine:
“It's is six years since Phønix last made an album, so this latest, excellent one genuinely deserves that old cliché “long awaited”. And it doesn't disappoint.”

“Nu” contains a bouquet of Danish folk songs in new versions and arrangements, as well as a number of instrumental tracks composed by the band members. On the new album the well-known groovy Phønix sound (based on percussion, bass clarinet, accordion and vocals) has been refined with new elements like keys, synth, backing vocals.

01 Skrædderen og Soen (Trad/Phønix) 3.48 
02. Maria (Trad/Karen Mose) 5.04 
03. Rønnild (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.28 
04. Go' tid (Anja Præst/Jesper Vinther) 5.04 
05. Svineryggen (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.31 
06. Stolt Signild (Trad/Karen Mose) 3.53 
07. Nordlys Schottish (Anja Præst/Karen Mose) 3.38 
08. Hr. Peders Sørejse (Trad/Karen Mose) 5.23 
09. Sven N (Trad/Jesper Vinther) 3.39 
10. Den bortsolgte (Trad/Karen Mose/Jesper Vinther) 5.13 
11. Windros reflections (Jesper Vinther/Karen Mose) 4.41

Karen Mose: vokal og keys
Anja Præst: klarinet og basklarinet
Jesper Falch: percussion
Jesper Vinther: harmonika


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wow this is great! thank you for allowing me to hear this great new record!

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