Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro - Le 3ème Temps (Belgium 2015) @320

It is in the tender and playful world of Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy (violin) and Sophie Cavez (accordion) Le 3ème Temps that was born. Steeped in many cultures, music is deeply organic and moving, all at once rooted and air. Recorded at Shipyard (creative center of new traditional music and world music located in Correns - 83), this third installment will be released March 30, 2015.

Le 3ème Temps offers rearrangements pieces collected from musicians in France and in the world, according to the many tours of the duo since 2008. We find such music from Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Brittany, Provence and Galicia, revisited by Sophie Cavez and Baltazar Montanaro-Nagy with the complicity and freedom that characterize them.
Pursuing in parallel his compositions, the duo also offers us four magnificent titles that complement gracefully the imaginary landscapes crossed listening to this album.

This duo, endearing and talented, has a contagious vibratory sense, limitless potential, incredible strength and velvet notes. Their association made a very foolish.
01 - Mahala
02 - Kaks Kirikut
03 - Titi Neti
04 - Polska De Bonnes
05 - Du Cidre Dans Le Désert
06 - Tamara
07 - Artur Rine Vals
08 - Mendoza & Gülseren
09 - Reel Des Eskimos
10 - Cmoll Vals
11 - Usual Happiness
12 - Minha Galera

SOPHIE CAVEZ: accordéon diatonique


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Le 3ème Temps


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thank you

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Thank you, King.
I like Cavez and Montanaro too much.
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