Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Trio Dhoore - Modus Operandi (Belgium 2013) @320

The three Dhoore brothers from Flanders turned a lot of heads with their 2013 debut album Modus Operandi and they are bound to attract more admirers with this even more impressive second release. There is absolutely nothing about this album that is flash or showy. What we head from every track are fine melodies and we are aware of the technical excellence and rare musicality of all three.

1. Kallis
2. Hot Kaspar / Chateau d'Ârs
3. De Kollebloem / De Yurt
4. Retour / Rebelle
5. Ons Sunny / De strakke koefer
6. Coffee Break
7. Vanna Rühnu Kirik
8. Parketpolka
9. DMG / Pater Lieven / Spring Monday
10. Kefir / Late Night
11. Castaar / Kamikaze

12. Voor Toon & Pascale / De Rode Melody

Koen Dhoore (double bass, hurdy gurdy), 
Hartwin Dhoore (bagpipes, diatonic button accordion, flute), 
Ward Dhoore (acoustic guitar)


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Great Yojik!

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Modus Operandi
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