Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cristina Pato, Davide Salvado, Anxo Pintos, Roberto Comesaña - Rústica (Spain 2015) @320

Four great personalities of the Galician music come together in a project called RÚSTICA, a very special album published FOL music and goes on sale on 10 February 2015. Rustica is the result of chance encounters, synchronicities, affinities and discoveries. It's a love letter to the great cultural heritage of Galicia, friendship and excitement. Old songs sung with deep feeling and a harmonious development that brings our days with a touch of magic elves and mysteries of old Gaita, accordion, hurdy-gurdy, tambourines and voice are the instruments which have been growing RÚSTICA songs a hidden treasure that now comes to light.

01. Meu Cabalo
02. Mens
03. Asubíasme de Lonxe
04. Erbecedo
05. Grao a Grao
06. Alalá Tristina
07. Ruada Macabra
08. Cardadores

Cristina Pato: gaita, voice
Davide Salvado: voice, percussions
Anxo Pintos: hurdy-gurdy
Roberto Comesaña: accordion


Yojik said...

Rústica @320

Yojik said...

pass: folk_peso4nitsa

CrimsonKing said...

Tks, friend!

Yojik said...

Not at all, CK :)

Juan Otero said...

Thank you very much for the album...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

To Yojik, the site doesn´t allow me to download the file. It directs me to another websites. Can you fix this?

CrimsonKing said...

There is nothing to be corrected because the site and the link are operating normally.
I just did this download smoothly.
The first time you click the "download" a window with advertising opens. Just close it. Click the "Download" button again.
Wait for the request to save file window.

Anonymous said...

I can't download it. No other window opens, though.

CrimsonKing said...

Click more than 1 time in each button.
Windows popup will opens.
The link is working.

P Losada said...

Thank you very much. I can confirm the link's still working.

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