Saturday, July 4, 2015

Cristina Pato - Latina (Spain 2015) @320

Cristina Pato is a modern day Renaissance woman. A pop star of the ‘gaita’ (the Galician bagpipe) in her native Spain, she moved to New York to attain her Doctorate in collaborative piano and push her career in an entirely different direction. Pato daringly skirts the boundaries of jazz, classical and world music, and in her forthcoming album Latina, she and her band The Cristina Pato Quartet delve into the musical diaspora of latin music. In her own words: “it is a way to embrace my heritage through music exploring the connections between the country of origin of the word [Latina], Italy, and the countries that are nowadays considered Latino. Using the metaphor of one of the essential rhythms of traditional music: the 6/8, Latina is a musical journey that begins with the Italian Tarantella and travels through Spain and Latin American 6/8 rhythms like the Joropo or the colombian Llano; the peruvian Festejo or the Galician muiñeira.” Pato has also made a name for herself as a break-out member of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble. She often steals the show with her passionate, energetic performances on stages throughout the world and will be featured in Morgan Neville’s.

01. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Fandango: Prueba de Fuego
02. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Landó: María Landó
03. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Tanguillo: The High Seas
04. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Joropo-Festejo: Muiñeira de Chantada
05. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Currulao: Currulao de Crisis
06. The Latina 6/8 Suite: Tarantella-Muiñeira: Epilogue
07. Llegará, llegará, llegará
08. Let's Festa
09. Tarantella-Muiñeira (without narration)

Cristina Pato: gaita, piano, voice; 
Edward Pérez: double bass; 
Eric Doob: drums; 
Victor Prieto: accordion.


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