Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Duo Absynthe - Duo Absynthe (2011 France) @320

Aurélien Claranbaux (Accordéon diatonique) et 
Sylvain Letourneau (Guitares)

01. Dave
02. Amazone
03. Kerleguer Vinca
04. Nina
05. La partida
06. Monster Cafe

07. Petekindjeswals Depardu
08. Mazurka a Clement
09. Albiztur
10. Arin arin
11. Evening glory
12. British Swing
13. Vieille chamelle


Yojik said...

Duo Absynthe


CrimsonKing said...

Thanks, friend!
You were fast!

Anonymous said...

Great!!!! thank you very much!!

Pablo Miguel Sancerni said...

Thanks a lot! I've been waiting do much for it! Kind ragards from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina!

DiegOrlok said...

Great album!!! Thanks!! Now... I need the "#2"!!! hehe


fr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The download from the link is unavailable. May someone refresh the link?

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