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Shillelagh - Germaine (France 2008) @256

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For this third album, Shillelagh has concocted a subtle mix of current ballroom dances (Schottish, chapeloise, bourée, etc ...) and Flanders dance. Registration allows public to feel the energy of the dancers mingling with the energy of the music. Shillelagh takes us into the friendly atmosphere and festive time they create a ball. The sound is that of an accomplished group, who plays for the pleasure of the ears and legs. for "Germaine" they have six guests who give such a particular color to "Pieternelle" Flanders dance ever danced plsu. "Germaine" c is the name of the beautiful waltz 1930 by Joseph Colombo ends this CD. Gabriel Lenoir (violin), Benjamin Macke (diatonic accordion) and Aurélien Tanghe (guitar) aillient wonderfully musical and dynamic quality for dancing. C As is written in the booklet: "This record is the result of several years of complicity between dancers and us." 
"Julie Coclet"

01 - Les beaux jours - Scottish
02 - C'est l'aventure + Feu d'artifice + C'est la fête - Cercles circassiens
03 - Nuit - Mazurka
04 - Polka van Hever (Trad.)
05 - Mazurka van Hofstade (Trad.)
06 - Pieternelle (Trad.)
07 - En vrille - Bourrée d'Auvergne
08 - Brindezingue - Bourrée d'Auvergne
09 - Sans souci + Feuilles d'automne + L'équilibriste - Chapeloises
10 - Framåt - Scottish
11 - Russische Polka (Trad.)
12 - Wals van Kortenberg (Trad.)
13 - Ça m'ressemble + P.H. bourrée - Bourrées 2 temps
14 - Germaine (valse)

Gabriel Lenoir (violin)
Benjamin Macke (diatonic accordion)
Aurélien Tanghe (guitar)


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