Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Djal - Nuits Blanches (France 2000) @320

01 - La Marionnette Sans Fil
02 - Leurre De Vérité - Arabesque
03 - Le Pied Yayahte
04 - L'allumeuse Et L'aveugle - Crépuscule
05 - The Third Mode
06 - Le Prince Sans Rire
07 - Mouth Of The Tobique - Reel Du Lièvre
08 - Vivement Vendredi - Le Trophée Du Chameau
09 - Malrif - Pieds Nus Dans L'ascenseur
10 - Nuit Blanche - Journée Noire
11 - Du Jour Au Lendemain

Jean Banwarth (bouzouki) 
Sylvain Barou (flûtes traversière en bois, uillean pipes, low whistles)
Daniel Gourdon (violon)
Yann Gourdon (vielle à roue)
Jérémie Mignotte (flûte traversière en bois)
Stéphane Milleret (accordéons diatoniques)
Christophe Sacchettini (flûtes à bec, percussions)
Claude Schirrer (basse)

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Djal - Repliques (France 2006) @320

01 - Odalisque - Chapeloise
02 - L'émotion de censure & La ligue contre le concert & Ouch mademoiselle- & 
03 - L'école des lucioles - Bourrée 3 temps
04 - Troublant trou noir - Pilé menu
05 - U Filliu & Le nombril du monde - Mazurka
06 - L'émasculée conception - Rondeau en couple
07 - Le corps du kyste - Suite plinn
08 - Colifot & Sympatique's Day - Sympatique's Day
09 - L'antre de Vénus - Polka
10 - Les oeufs en Meuriette - Farelquesh

Jean Banwarth (bouzouki, guitare, guitare 12 cordes),
Daniel Gourdon (violon, violon électrique),
Jérémie Mignotte (flûte traversière en bois),
Stéphane Milleret (accordéon diatonique, accordina),
Christophe Sacchettini (flûtes à bec, whistles, percussions),
Claude Schirrer (basse, guitare),
Sébastien Tron (vielle à roue électroacoustique, dounounba, percussions 

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Minuit Guibolles - ... et sous une fleur de verre... (France 2005) @320

1. George Clooney Vs Dolly
2. ... Et sous une fleur de verre...
3. La fille de l'aire
4. Djinns et pattes d'elfes
5. Paumes d'amour
6. Az élett Kelte
7. Quantum
8. Larme à gauche
9. Paix et l'hideuse haine
10. Jour de pluie (Danser)
11. Bonus track

Musicians :
Boris TROUPLIN : Bagpipes - flutes - steel drum.
Pascal SEIXAS : doublebass - fender bass - guiro.
Baltazar MONTANARO : Violin.
Aurélien CLARANBAUX : Diatonic accordion.
Adrien CHENNEBAULT : Percussions, drums.
Guests :
Stéphane BALMINO : sing (10)
Vincent LENORMANT : electric guitar(2 and 8)
Vincent Chazot : Tamari (2)
Yska BENZAKOUN : Violoncello (5)
Cristel LAGUARIGUE : Alto (5)
Théo CECCALDI : Violin (5)
... and the voice of Josef NADJ (6 and 9)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Les Doigts De Carmen - En Compagnie (France 2011) @320

"En compagnie" the first album out of this strange trio of folk dance Lyon makes up the directory as a mosaic of traditional music and dance (styles, territories, tunes, compositions ...).
Nine prestigious guests came from Auvergne, Brittany, Paris, Lyon and Brussels to extend their many contributions to the studio stage ...

1. Lubelya / Des Ris dans les Huniers (scottish)
2. Mazurbloise (mazurka)
3. Les Ventres Noirs / La Parisienne (bourrées d’Auvergne)
4. Suite de Locqueltas (hanter dro)
5. The fly Fishing Reel / Beare Island / Over the Moor to Maggie (reels)
6. Boules et guirlandes / la résolution de l'Huître (ridée 6 temps)
7. Port Charlotte (valse à 5 temps)
8. Kiss in the Night (mazurka)
9. Les doigts de Carmen (scottish)

Jérémie MIGNOTTE (flûte traversière en bois, cajon)
Diego MEYMARIAN (violon)
Thomas RESTOIN (accordéon, concertina)

Virginie BASSET (violon)
Maude MADEC (bombarde, talons)
Anne NIEPOLD (accordéon diatonique)
Danielle SASSO (concertina)
Fabien GUILOINEAU (guitare)
Johan JACQUEMOUD (contrebasse)
Camille PASSERI (bugle, trompette)
Tiennet SIMONNIN (accordéon chromatique, uilleann pipe, pieds)
Sébastien TRON (vielle à roue électroacoustique, mélodica, orgue, voix)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Djal - Extra Bal (France 2003) @320

They're French, they're fresh, and they're fun. They're also fabulous musicians. Based in Grenoble, Djal combine influences from jazz and Arab music (ubiquitous in France just now) with traditional material from the Savoie region and beyond. 
Their instrumentation includes fiddle, flute, hurdy-gurdy, button box, bouzouki, recorder, bass, bombarde, dulcimer, guitar, and various drums. The overall sound is rich and varied, with plenty of punch and the added depth of a seven-piece band.
This is a live recording, made at a home gig with an atmosphere halfway between a
barn dance and a rave. There's a primal energy on tracks like Hollwenn and the opening set of three bourés. Michel Bordeleau'S great Québecois Reel des 4 Fers en l'Air is given an inspired treatment, and it's followed by a trio of jigs with more than a touch of Irish about them. Gavottes, rondeaus and other Breton dances are mixed in among the standard French forms. With the exception of Michel' reel and a couple of polkas, all the tunes are by band members. Most of the tracks here are up-tempo dance music, but there are some gorgeous slow numbers. Ivoirine is a stately air, and the waltz Masque Rouge is one I intend to learn.

Improvisation is one of Djal's strengths. Several of its members have one foot in jazz, and their extended solos are a joy to hear. Yann Gourdon's demonic hurdy-gurdy is awesome on Hollwenn and elsewhere. Christophe Sacchettini's flutes are pure magic, and Daniel Gourdon's fiddle brings an eerie swirling quality to several tracks. The rhythm section is also worth a mention: imaginative, incisive and irresistibly intoxicating. All in all, this is an excellent CD and a wonderful example of the best French music. Available from and ADA distribution.

Alex Monaghan

01. L'ivresse de la répression publique / Tendres silences / Les chevaliers serviles (D. Gourdon)
02. La dérive des incontinents (S.Milleret)
03. Masque rouge (S.M.)
04. Le reel des 4 fers en l'air (Michel Bordeleau)
05. La tentatrice chauve / César et Monique / A tune for Elsa (S.M. / S.M. / D.G.)
06. Ivoirine (S.M.)
07. Hollwenn (D.G.)
08. Egérie aux éclats (D.G.)
09. Polka à Jolive / L'acrobate / Monster café (Trad / D.G. / Nigel Eaton)
10. La treizième fée (S.M.)

Jean Banwarth (bouzouki)
Daniel Gourdon (violon)
Yann Gourdon (vielle à roue)
Jérémie Mignotte (flûte traversière en bois)
Stéphane Milleret (accordéons diatoniques)
Christophe Sacchettini (flûtes à bec, percussions)
Claude Schirrer (basse)

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Toctoctoc - L'ombre et la lumière (France 2014) @320

"The shadow and the light" reveal dark and glittering universes, spontaneous reflections of the spirit of the women and the men in our time duality these songs of which are inspired.
The "popular" instrumentation (hurdy-gurdy with wheel, diatonic accordion, diverse instruments with breath and obviously the voice) turns to a sensitive and creative sound which accompanies you, like a sound and poetic laboratory, in the world of the current traditional musics, in perpetual evolution.
TOCTOCTOC, it's the need to create a sound space inside, which it is possible to let live positive feelings, but also the bitternesses of the life, real commitment to make expanding of a message of sharing and confrontation.
As in the dance, in which the public is invited, the meeting remains the best moment of our existences, ceaseless alternation of shadow and light.

1. Ronde au réveil (rondeau en couple) 5:12
2. Topé savait comment (scottish) 4:56
3. L'ombre et la lumière (mazurka) 4:32
4. He Did & He Didn't (polka) 2:57
5. En route (polka) 1:43 
6. Pierres précieuses (kost ar c'hoad) 3:19
7. L'Exil (hanter dro) 6:59 
8. Cachaça (bourrée 3 temps) 1:17
9. Mandarina Punch (bourrée 2 temps) 2:33 
10. Notte Tempo (valse) 3:21
11. L'ombre du hibou / Kuma (cercles circassiens) 5:01 
12. Spooke Boelet (polska) 3:44
13. La lune n'existe pas (polska) 5:01 
14. Aziman / Ouaivazy (bourrées 2 temps) 7:46
15. C'était bien (mazurka) 5:35 

Musicians : 
Vincent Boniface (cornemuse, clarinette, flûtes, accordéon diatonique et percussions)
Anne-Lise Foy (chant, vielles à roue) 
Stéphane Milleret (accordéon diatonique, accordina)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orion - Orion 1987 (Belgium 1987) @128

Kindly offered by a Folk Yoursef's friend. Thank you friend!
Very rare, never released on CD - Taken from a cassete tape.

The Celtic band Orion has been a going concern since 1987.
Its music testifies to a wholly personal approach of the Celtic tradition. Powerfully swinging dance tunes alternate with haunting slow airs, graceful melodies and beautifully crafted traditional songs. On their first three albums, Orion also guides the listener through less known music by Turlough O’Carolan, the blind Irish harpist from the 18th century.
Today the band is playing almost exclusively its own compositions, combining a multitude of musical influences.

1 - Charlie's Buttermilk Mary
02 - Julia Delany / Rakish Paddy
03 - Belfast Hornpipe / Jolly Beggar Reel
04 - Cliffs of Moher / Castletown Connors / Coleraine Jig
05 - Paddy Ryan's Dream / Jenny Nettles
06 - Tripping Up The Stairs / Paddy Carthy's Reel
07 - M' O'Connor
08 - Michael Rilly's / Musical Priest / Music In the Glenn

Gerard Hirsch : guitar, cittern
Rudy Velghe : fiddle 
Gilles Hirsch : hammered dulcimer, mandoline, banjo
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