Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orion - Orion 1987 (Belgium 1987) @128

Kindly offered by a Folk Yoursef's friend. Thank you friend!
Very rare, never released on CD - Taken from a cassete tape.

The Celtic band Orion has been a going concern since 1987.
Its music testifies to a wholly personal approach of the Celtic tradition. Powerfully swinging dance tunes alternate with haunting slow airs, graceful melodies and beautifully crafted traditional songs. On their first three albums, Orion also guides the listener through less known music by Turlough O’Carolan, the blind Irish harpist from the 18th century.
Today the band is playing almost exclusively its own compositions, combining a multitude of musical influences.

1 - Charlie's Buttermilk Mary
02 - Julia Delany / Rakish Paddy
03 - Belfast Hornpipe / Jolly Beggar Reel
04 - Cliffs of Moher / Castletown Connors / Coleraine Jig
05 - Paddy Ryan's Dream / Jenny Nettles
06 - Tripping Up The Stairs / Paddy Carthy's Reel
07 - M' O'Connor
08 - Michael Rilly's / Musical Priest / Music In the Glenn

Gerard Hirsch : guitar, cittern
Rudy Velghe : fiddle 
Gilles Hirsch : hammered dulcimer, mandoline, banjo


CrimsonKing said...

Orion 1987


Barron said...

Lovely. Thank you for all Orion posts. Great stuff.

Jon said...

What a pleasant surprise! I have owned their other three older releases for many years and rank them among my favorites. In fact when Strawberry Town showed up on your site last month I dug them all out and re-listened to them for the first time in years. Now to find this out here this morning is a real treat.
I've also been sampling some of the offers others have shared in the sidebar you set up which I like by the way along with the ability to listen. Both the player and leave a message boxes are excellent additions. The "extra" one that I really think is a great album is the one by Kan Ha Distroy. Certainly enjoyed that. I also tried to sample the earlier shares that were put out there with the we transfer program but unfortunately the links had already expired. Oh well. Thanks again for the continuation of this blog that I have followed for many many years with total enjoyment.

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Jon. Your feedback is important to me.
Let me know what albums you would like to have that were hosted in "We Transfer".
I downloaded all users contrubutions. :)

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Barron, you're welcome!

d. said...

Hey CrimsonKing. As always, I am a huge fan of your page, and appreciate all your time, effort and wonderful taste. I want to report a problem though. I don't know why the last 2 albums I tried to download (Orion is one of them) fail. I get into the Mega page, but once I select "Download to my computer" gives me an error mistake, after a few seconds. Same thing happened last time with Peatbog Fairie's "Dust". Am I the only one? Please let me know! Wish you the best! Cheers! Diego

CrimsonKing said...

Hi d.
I did the downloads of both albums right now.
Were perfect without any problem.
Try change your browse, and do a test.
Or, maybe, was temporary host error.

d. said...

Crimson King, I followed your idea, and now everything works fine! Safari has issues with Mega, clearly. I tried Firefox and worked like a charm. Thanks again for everything!

Phoenix168 said...

p.s. re Kangaroo Moon is a cracker and representative of their current work. Many thanks again.

Elad said...


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