Sunday, October 11, 2015

Abnoba - Abnormal (Italy 2010) @320

"Abnormal" is the second album of the young band of Piedmont-Val d'Aosta, published four years after the release of the debut album, "Vai Facile", which aroused much attention and criticism in public. In this period of fruitful waiting, training could deepen their style, opening further research music (composition and executive) to jazz, reggae, funk and improvisation. The metissage obtained, which cleverly combines musical worlds formally away to the music of oral tradition typical of the western Alps, is a valid attempt at re-appropriation of their cultural identity in a contemporary way. It is in this scenario, the echoes avant-garde, the seven musicians to create original compositions starting from the traditional dictation: the synthesis of archaic instruments such as the bagpipes and the accordion, modern and electronic, outlines the new creative horizons, becoming the paradigm of make a new musical. 

In this recording project, is equipped also other artists who in recent years have shared a lot with the group, such as the Ligurian Stefano Valla, the most important player of the Four Provinces Fife, French Grégory Jolivet to the hurdy gurdy, singer Sabrina Pallini and Paolo Bonfanti to the electric guitar. Abnormal with the Abnoba totaled well as "novel" bearers of a possible new interpretation of tradition.

01. Albeena delight 
02. Spasuttle
03. Le Rigaudon de Saint Dwich / Horrible Fast Fanciullo 
04. La Dragona e la Marchiatta 
05. Scendeno giu' dai monti 
06. Bofonchio 
07. Neve on Helen 
08. Emargire 
09. Monferrina in Re 
10. Self 
11. La Barbunota 
12. La Mort de la Mie
13. Bofonchio Live (Bonus Tracks)
14. La Dragona rmx (Bonus Tracks)

Vincent Boniface: sax soprano, clarinetto, cornamuse, organetto, low whistle, armonica, percussioni 
Simone Bottasso: organetti, flauto traverso 
Paolo Dall'Ara: cornamuse, flauti, tarota , bombarda 
Marco Mammo Inaudi: basso elettrico, basso fretless 
Pietro Numico: tastiere: clavia nord stage, clavia nord lead, fender rodhes, Yamaha S80 e pianoforte 
Luca Rosso: batteria

Sabrina Pallini: voce 
Valeria Benigni: voce 
Gre'gory Jolivet: ghironda 
Stefano Valla: piffero delle 4 province 
Paolo Bonfanti: chitarra elettrica 
Voces Nocturnae: coro 
Francesco Motta: bouzouki


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