Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wolfstone - Unleashed (1991 Scotland) @320

Wolfstone is a Scottish musical group - formed in Inverness, Scotland in 1989 by fiddler Duncan Chisholm and guitarist/vocalist Stuart Eaglesham - which plays Highland music combined with rock and roll. The band's repertoire consists of both original songs and traditional folk pieces. Wolfstone split in 1997 after much difficulty with its record label, but reformed in 1998 to fulfill its recording contract, and has subsequently continued.

01 - Cleveland Park
02 - Song for Yesterday
03 - The Silver Spear
04 - Sleepy Toon
05 - Hector the Hero
06 - The Howl
07 - Here Is Where the Heart Is
08 - Hard Heart
09 - Erin

Duncan Chisholm: fiddle
Stuart Eaglesham: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Struan Eaglesham: keyboards
Ivan Drever: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Andy Murray: electric guitar, vocals
Allan Wilson: pipes, whistle, flute
Additional musicians
Neil Hay: bass guitar
John Henderson: drums

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Barataria Project (SPAIN 2015) [FREE GROUP PROMOTION]

Very Good!

The Barataria Project is an instrumental music band from Madrid that blends melodies of European and Celtic tradition with latest styles. 

In his first album we can find eight tracks of complete fusion between cultures, including ancient and traditional melodies that are disguised as latin, funk, reggae, rock, jazz ... These eight tunes work over a rhythmic loop, on which they are added melodies and improvisations of keyboards, wind instruments and guitars.

released June 26, 2015 

Band: The Barataria Project 
Album: The Barataria Project (2015) 

Recorded in Madrid between February and April 2015. 
Produced, mixed and mastered by Javi Díez 

The Barataria Project are
Alberto Molina (piano and keyboards) 
Juan Martínez Andrés (guitar, octaved guitar, loop live performance) 
Miguel Parrondo (clarinet and tenor saxophone) 
Guest Artist: 
Javi Díez (drum programming) 

Twitter: @baratariaband 

Cover picture by Millán Pérez García 

All Rights Reserved 
2015 - The Barataria Project

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Waking Guild - In the House of the Goats (USA 2015) [FREE GROUP PROMOTION]


In the House of the Goats is the exciting and long awaited debut LP of
Portland's folk chamber ensemble, The Waking Guild. The album calls you in
from long days of running wild, invites you to a warm spot by the hearth
and treats your imagination to fanciful bite sized vignettes.

Flutist and composer Jason O'Neill-Butler initially formed the band with
concertinist Melissa Luna. The two used the streets of Europe as both
woodshed and stage and were captivated by imagery, stories and the many
creatures they stumbled upon. They slept in abandoned buildings, tended
baby goats and pilgrimaged for hundreds of kilometers, all the while
sculpting their timeless and delicate sound.

Since the Guild's inception it has expanded to include violinist and visual
artist Sharon Cannon, cellist Owen Hoffman-Smith and pianist Beth Ariel
Karp. Drummer Jay Harris was also featured on the album.

"Belying its name, the Waking Guild makes dreamy, often languid
instrumental music for the ravishing combo of violin, cello, flute and
concertina. Occasionally flirting with tweeness, the band’s folk-tinged
originals more often create a beguilingly intimate atmosphere, sometimes
reminiscent of the lamented Penguin Cafe in its more whimsical moments."
Brett Campbell - Willamette Weekly

Friday, November 20, 2015

Brandywine Bridge - An English Meadow (England 1978) @320

Sheila Copson, Stuart Hague and Dave Grew came together in November 1974 and went full time in December 1975. Brandysine Bridge have since implanted themselves on the minds of audiences all over britain and the continent.
If you saw them on stage with their entertaining presentation, humour and wit then you can now take them into the privacy of your own living room and enjoy the more serious side of - Brandywine Bridge.

01 - An English Meadow
02 - Dreamwater
03 - Three Lovers
04 - Congreve's Rockets
05 - Hickory House Tunes
06 - Bonnie Prince
07 - Black Anna's Bower
08 - Sea Wife's Lament
09 - Set of Tunes
10 - Toss Your Pennies
11 - Billy the Budgie
12 - The Ox

Dave Grew: Guitar, Banjo, Whistle, Vocals
Sheila Hague: Vocals, Recorder, Guitar
Stuart Hague: Vocals, Mandolin, Concertina, Bodhrán, Tambourine

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Brandywine Bridge - The Grey Lady (England 1977) @320

Mid 70's UK Folk rarity featuring fragile folk music played on treble recorder mandolin, guitar, banjo, bodhran etc. This three piece trad folk band at no time gives up its distinctly British musical flavour and the end results are beautifully memorable.

01 - Bodhran Jigs
02 - The Grey Lady
03 - Evening Aire
04 - New Jigs (Clancy's Fancy, Jackson's Favourite)
05 - King Richard III
06 - Forced Duty
07 - Quorn Dollies
08 - Fisherman's Night Song
09 - Barrow Bumps
10 - Jack Hall

Dave Grew: Guitar, Banjo, Whistle, Vocals
Sheila Copson: Vocals, Recorder, Guitar
Stuart Hague: Vocals, Mandolin, Concertina, Bodhrán, Tambourine

Friday, November 13, 2015

Capercaillie - Roses And Tears (2008 Scotland) @320

Fourteen albums in, new folk pioneers Capercaillie continue to demonstrate why they've been at the forefront of the roots renaissance in their native Scotland for the best part of the last three decades. 
Roses and Tears delivers all you'd expect from the experienced eight-piece ensemble and proves a more than welcome return after a long six-year wait for new material following 2002's Choice Language. 

01 - Him Bo
02 - Turas An Anraidh
03 - Don't You Go
04 - The Aphrodisiac
05 - Barra Clapping Song
06 - Seinneam Cliu Nam Fear Ur
07 - Oran Sugraidh
08 - The Quimper Waltz
09 - Soldier Boy
10 - A' Racan A Bh' Againne
11 - Rose Cottage Reels
12 - Leodhasach An Tir Cheinh

Karen Matheson: Vocals
Ewen Vernal: Bass, Vocals – 
Signy Jakobsdottir: Bells, Gong, Goblet Drum [Darabuka]
Manus Lunny: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals
Che Beresford: Drums
Charlie McKerron: Fiddle 
Michael McGoldrick: Flute, Whistle, Pipe
David Robertson: Percussion
Donald Shaw: Piano, Accordion, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Producer

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ghent Folk Violin Project - Tatoeage (Belgium 2013) @320

The Ghent Folk Violin Project started in 2012 and is an initiative of violinist/composer Wouter Vandenabeele, a fixed value in the Belgian folk and worldmusic scene. GFVP mixes traditional melodies with new compositions where the violin plays the important role. 

Each violin player contributes with it’s own style and background: Lotte Remmen with a beautiful classical tone, Naomi Vercauteren with a great folk swing and the jazz experience of Anouk Sanczuk. Wouter blends these sounds together with his own style that leans against all these styles.

Singer Hanneke Oosterlijnck shines out with beautiful interpretations of old texts. The whole group is supported by the skillfull guitar playing of Jeroen Knapen.

01. Wals voor Lotte en Alfons Deloor
02. Moordlied
03. In den verleden tijd
04. Moi je connais
05. Contredansen
06. De schipper
07. Er is maar een weg naar Hundelgem
08. Valse vigilante pour les annulaires qui disent non
09. Tatoeage
10. Mazurka van Zemst
11. Polonaises
12. Coureur
13. Steltendans uit Zoerle-Parwijs

Wouter Vandenabeele - Violin, compositions
Anouk Sanczuk - Violin, compositions
Naomi Vercauteren - Violin
Jasmijn Lootens - Cello
Susan Clynes - Piano, Voice
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