Friday, November 13, 2015

Capercaillie - Roses And Tears (2008 Scotland) @320

Fourteen albums in, new folk pioneers Capercaillie continue to demonstrate why they've been at the forefront of the roots renaissance in their native Scotland for the best part of the last three decades. 
Roses and Tears delivers all you'd expect from the experienced eight-piece ensemble and proves a more than welcome return after a long six-year wait for new material following 2002's Choice Language. 

01 - Him Bo
02 - Turas An Anraidh
03 - Don't You Go
04 - The Aphrodisiac
05 - Barra Clapping Song
06 - Seinneam Cliu Nam Fear Ur
07 - Oran Sugraidh
08 - The Quimper Waltz
09 - Soldier Boy
10 - A' Racan A Bh' Againne
11 - Rose Cottage Reels
12 - Leodhasach An Tir Cheinh

Karen Matheson: Vocals
Ewen Vernal: Bass, Vocals – 
Signy Jakobsdottir: Bells, Gong, Goblet Drum [Darabuka]
Manus Lunny: Bouzouki, Guitar, Vocals
Che Beresford: Drums
Charlie McKerron: Fiddle 
Michael McGoldrick: Flute, Whistle, Pipe
David Robertson: Percussion
Donald Shaw: Piano, Accordion, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Producer


CrimsonKing said...

Roses And Tears


Elbato Loco said...

oh thanks, i was looking for this album, great!!!!!

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