Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Barataria Project (SPAIN 2015) [FREE GROUP PROMOTION]

Very Good!

The Barataria Project is an instrumental music band from Madrid that blends melodies of European and Celtic tradition with latest styles. 

In his first album we can find eight tracks of complete fusion between cultures, including ancient and traditional melodies that are disguised as latin, funk, reggae, rock, jazz ... These eight tunes work over a rhythmic loop, on which they are added melodies and improvisations of keyboards, wind instruments and guitars.

released June 26, 2015 

Band: The Barataria Project 
Album: The Barataria Project (2015) 

Recorded in Madrid between February and April 2015. 
Produced, mixed and mastered by Javi Díez 

The Barataria Project are
Alberto Molina (piano and keyboards) 
Juan Martínez Andrés (guitar, octaved guitar, loop live performance) 
Miguel Parrondo (clarinet and tenor saxophone) 
Guest Artist: 
Javi Díez (drum programming) 

Twitter: @baratariaband 

Cover picture by Millán Pérez García 

All Rights Reserved 
2015 - The Barataria Project
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