Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Waking Guild - In the House of the Goats (USA 2015) [FREE GROUP PROMOTION]


In the House of the Goats is the exciting and long awaited debut LP of
Portland's folk chamber ensemble, The Waking Guild. The album calls you in
from long days of running wild, invites you to a warm spot by the hearth
and treats your imagination to fanciful bite sized vignettes.

Flutist and composer Jason O'Neill-Butler initially formed the band with
concertinist Melissa Luna. The two used the streets of Europe as both
woodshed and stage and were captivated by imagery, stories and the many
creatures they stumbled upon. They slept in abandoned buildings, tended
baby goats and pilgrimaged for hundreds of kilometers, all the while
sculpting their timeless and delicate sound.

Since the Guild's inception it has expanded to include violinist and visual
artist Sharon Cannon, cellist Owen Hoffman-Smith and pianist Beth Ariel
Karp. Drummer Jay Harris was also featured on the album.

"Belying its name, the Waking Guild makes dreamy, often languid
instrumental music for the ravishing combo of violin, cello, flute and
concertina. Occasionally flirting with tweeness, the band’s folk-tinged
originals more often create a beguilingly intimate atmosphere, sometimes
reminiscent of the lamented Penguin Cafe in its more whimsical moments."
Brett Campbell - Willamette Weekly

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DiegOrlok said...

What Great Music! Thanks for the info and promotion!

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