Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wolfstone - Unleashed (1991 Scotland) @320

Wolfstone is a Scottish musical group - formed in Inverness, Scotland in 1989 by fiddler Duncan Chisholm and guitarist/vocalist Stuart Eaglesham - which plays Highland music combined with rock and roll. The band's repertoire consists of both original songs and traditional folk pieces. Wolfstone split in 1997 after much difficulty with its record label, but reformed in 1998 to fulfill its recording contract, and has subsequently continued.

01 - Cleveland Park
02 - Song for Yesterday
03 - The Silver Spear
04 - Sleepy Toon
05 - Hector the Hero
06 - The Howl
07 - Here Is Where the Heart Is
08 - Hard Heart
09 - Erin

Duncan Chisholm: fiddle
Stuart Eaglesham: acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Struan Eaglesham: keyboards
Ivan Drever: acoustic guitar, lead vocals
Andy Murray: electric guitar, vocals
Allan Wilson: pipes, whistle, flute
Additional musicians
Neil Hay: bass guitar
John Henderson: drums


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Elad said...

thank you, as always!

Blaine Collins said...

Great info. I wanna get this album now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow. That was fast! Thank you kindly!

Best regards from a cold and rainy Scandinavia,


Anonymous said...

Dos melhores álbuns que ouvi recentemente!

Muito obrigado, KrimsonKing, por esta preciosidade!

Sou Português e apenas sei um pouco de Francês...

Até sempre!

CrimsonKing said...

Seja bem-vindo!

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