Monday, December 28, 2015

Hiri Truku II (Mendebaleko Euskal Kantuak/Songs of the West Two) [1997 Basque] @320

Without prejudice to the parallel one project, the first album released after he gave several concerts tricks.  Collected materials, but the more he gives, and three years later came the trio's second album, the songs of the West II (New Media, 1997). As the title indicates, the trick is in line with the second album, the old songs were recovered. The trio had several international contributions: Martin Carthy and Nancy Kerr acoustic guitar and violin Imogen Gunner.

Joseba Tapia, trikitixa/accordion,
Ruper Ordorika, vocals and guitar
Bixente Martinez, mandolin

1.    Zazpi Nobio    3:04
2.    Hasi Durangon Eta / Gautxu Baten    4:04
3.    Bakarrik Aurkitzen Naz    2:55
4.    Txikitin Parian    2:24
5.    Solora Nindoala    2:57
6.    Kontu Barri Bat    4:23
7.    Lelotxo Montañako    2:28
8.    Paskoalatxu    1:49
9.    Atzo Etorri Jataz    3:35
10.    Lapurrarena    2:46
11.    Gure Umetxu    3:42
12.    Perretxikotan    2:29
13.    Neure Laztan Ederra    2:16
14.    Mendi Altuan    2:46
15.    Maritxu Tabernerea (Trikitixa)    2:57
16.    Juliana Arrixandiko    0:58


Skylamb said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Skylamb!
Very good start :)

Anonymous said...

It's good because I wanted to exercize my sauts basques :) If you got some good bands with some nice tunes for rigodon, that would be amazing. I love rigodons :)

Skylamb said...

New link:
Hiru Truku2
pw: folkyourself

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that pw does not work anymore.

CrimsonKing said...

I did the download right now.
Password is working fine!

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