Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hohka - Puutarhautuminen (Finland 2011) @320

The folk music ensemble Hohka have been active since 2006. During their career Hohka have performed at widely different locations from intimate clubs to festival arenas, from concert halls to trams. The band’s trademark are its live performances, which are full of warmth, joy and humour. In November 2011, Hohka won the Nordic Championship in Folk Music in the folk group category.
Their debut album Puutarhautuminen, released in December 2011, had a warm reception. Over their many years of making music together, the band members’ playing has fused into a unified sound. In addition to catchy melodies and a solid knowledge of tradition, Hohka’s music is full of the spontaneous joy of creation and sheer enjoyment in playing music.
From July 2015 Hohka has been a quintet, adding percussion to the band's sound. New album mailla/halmeilla was released in May 2015, where you can hear the new fresh tunes with new hypnotic and rootsy touch.

01 - Riikan Polska
02 - Lihava Mies Ja Polkupyörä
03 - Vanhan Polska-Ukon Polska
04 - Strömmingarnas Schottis
05 - Puutarhautuminen
06 - Aurinkoinen
07 - Muuttosarja
08 - Heinähambo
09 - Nuuskis
10 - Mummo Lumessa
11 - Rautakatu
12 - Rheespun Ja Maksimin Häävalssi

Meriheini Luoto, fiddle & nyckelharpa
Valtteri Lehto, kantele & guitar
Veikko Muikku, accordion
Enne Purovaara, bass
Minna Koskenlahti, percussion


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The "Northern Lights Festival" continues!

Thank you for all your efforts in uploading your music so that we can share it with you - very much appreciated.

All the very best for the Festive Season and for 2016.


Douglas (UK)

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Thank you Douglas.
Happy hollydays to you.

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