Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Les Zéoles - Des papillons dans le ventre (France 2009) @320

Les Zéoles is an accordion duo formed by Amélie Denarié (diatonic accordion) and Annge Guinot (chromatic accordion). They love playing together, and in 2008 started performing together again. Their soft music is inspired by traditionnal french and european music, and classical music. Their first album was released in 2009 (papillons dans le ventre), and this album was releases in december 2011. Their music is made for the folk bal, but their education as classical musicians also enables them perform a beautiful concert.

Des papillons dans le ventre is the first album from Les Zéoles, french accordeonnists duet. A meticulous and tiny melodies' duet for bals folk.

Amélie DENARIÉ : accordion diatonic, sounds
Anne GUINOT : chromatic accordion , sounds
Guest :
Adama DIOP : percussions

1. L'atelier 
2. Valse du lendemain 
3. Belfort 
4. Trois p'tits points 
5. Mère Sipoline 
6. Jeanette 
7. Bout d'valse 
8. Le goût de l'amer 
9. Belandouyé 
10. Scottish fait main 
11. Blonds aux yeux bleus 
12. Le chat girouette


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