Thursday, December 24, 2015

Naragonia - Myriad (2015 Belgium) @320

Pascale Rubens: diatonic accordion, voice and violin
Toon Van Mierlo: diatonic accordion, soprano sax, bagpipes
Maarten Decombel: guitar and mandola (2,4,5,6,11)
Luc Pilartz: violin (4,5,12) 
Véronique Rubens: piano (1) 
Philippe Laloy: soprano sax (1,2,4) 
Grégory Jolivet : hurdy-gurdy (5,11) 
Jeroen Geerinck: electronica (8)

01. Sahzi
02. Tourbillone
03. Les deux frères
04. Bertille
05. Hungry birds / Marchetti street
06. Les talons
07. Darius
08. Irla
09. Wolf / A kiss in Berlin
10. ROD Blues / Adam
11. Koning Mathijs / Jacky the hero
12. Sus the shaker


Waters said...

Thanks Yojik and see my post on user contribution with Parasol....when Crimson King will have validate him...
Naragonia is well known as one of the best groups of folk music in Europe. It means they always make nice music to dance traditional dances from the whole Europe.
It may seem strange, but these dances are called as well folk or trad.
That's why a dancer can say: i dance a mazurka. It's trad, and his neighbour can say: i dance a mazurka. It's folk.
But, at least, everybody enjoy to dance and it's the most important thing...
Hey, hey, hey...

Anonymous said...

What a nice way to wake for X-mas then to enjoy some a nice piece of Naragonia. Wanna dance in the Snow...

Yojik said...

to Waters:
You`re welcome! And I have Parasol albums...

Anonymous said...


Gus said...

Not avaliable!

CrimsonKing said...



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