Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Naragonia Quartet - Batiska (2011 Belgium) @320

More than an extension of the duo, Naragonia Quartet has developed a separate repertoire and unique sound. They are guaranteed to provide an evening of beautiful, energetic music for a concert or dance. Maarten Decombel (mandola and guitare) and Luc Pilartz (violin) join Toon and Pascale to create a musical universe with a festive atmosphere.

01. Batiska
02. The Sunnyset / 3 little owls / Histermeppie
03. De glind / The fernhillfriends / An dro de Vogüé
04. Sneburymrof
05. The Cherrytree / Le train / Copain planché
06. Wals voor Lynn
07. Wals voor Auguste Piccard
08. Les copains / Anne’s diner
09. Orval / Mathijs
10. The lilly ponds
11. In de vijver / Saefthinger
12. Het noorden

Pascale Rubens: diatonic accordion and violin
Toon Van Mierlo: diatonic accordion, bagpipes (uilleann pipes, Bechonet, Flemish bagpipes, gaita, bagpipes), soprano saxophone, clarinet, bombard, low-whistles
Luc Pilartz: violin
Maarten Decombel: mandola, guitar


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