Sunday, December 27, 2015

Parasol - Miroir (2012 France) @320

Gérard Godon : accoréon chromatique
Catherine Grimault : violon 

1. Chemin Faisant
2. Mouvance
3. Swann
4. Miroir
5. Grand Huit
6. Envolées
7. Dans Les Bois
8. Pour Stephane
9. Brésilienne
10. Ital' Auvergnate
11. Bergamo
12. Oise
13. Mazurka Triste
14. Klaxon


Anonymous said...

"no longer available..." :,(

Lavendercloud Angel said...

! H i ! :D

please could you re-upload the Parasol albums ?

and infinite thanks for this excellent beautiful blog !
so beautiful music selections !

with my most best good wishes

Lavendercloud Angel said...

! H e Y ! W h e E ! :D

thank you so much !
you just respond in a very very short time ; how great !
thank you so much again !
happy & beautiful days to dear FolkYourSelf !

Dominique Herman said...

Hi, the Parasol albums don't seem to be available for download.
Would it be possible to reupload them by any chance?


Yojik said...


Dominique Herman said...

Merci beaucouuup!!! C'est la mazurka Miroir que je cherchais :D

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