Thursday, January 21, 2016

BraAgas - Yallah! (2014 Czech) [320]

1     Frego     3:01
2     Karanfilce Devosce     3:24
3     Dere Gelyior     5:42
4     Agarrado     2:21
5     Morena     3:41
6     Ocho Kandelikas     3:35
7     Si Verias     3:23
8     La Comida     3:09
9     Yo Hanino     3:20
10     Mi Suegra     3:29
11     Bil Bil Pile     3:29
12     More Izgrejala Nane     3:47


Skylamb said...

pw: folkyourself

Jon said...

Skylamb, First of all thank you for all of the BraAgas posts along with the others you just put out. I am most interested in listening to these ladies. Secondly thank you for using Mega instead of 1fichier. With the way 1fichier is restricting downloads both in time between and progressively slower speeds it would have taken me several days to accomplish what I did in an hour. 1fichier is reminding me of exactly what Rapidshare did a few years ago. CK can fill you in on what he and I went through with them back in the day. I'm certainly glad you have joined up with the team. Your contributions are most welcome. And lastly please note the message I posted yesterday concerning Kathryn Tickell appearing on BBC3 radio the next two Saturdays. I'm certainly planning on listening later through their I-player at a convenient time. I'd be thanking you for all of her posts also if I didn't already have them. Hopefully others will listen and enjoy her as much as I have over the years. My best. Jon

Anonymous said...

I'll second Jon. Thanks for all the great and interesting posts!

Skylamb said...

Jon. I used Rapidshare for a few years, then moved all my uploads to MEGA when RS was getting weird. I had a paid MEGA account, and they announced that if I wanted to keep anything over 50GB, I would need to pay them a LARGE bundle of money. So I moved my files to 1fichier. My understanding with them was that IF you register as a free user (with any name and email), you get decent download speeds, etc. Maybe that has changed.
I don't trust MEGA now, actually. But I'll use them here ;)
I live in the USA so I am blocked from anything BBC puts out. And I've seen very very few artists "live". I AM partial to live recordings though :-D

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