Sunday, January 31, 2016

Brian Vollmer - Old Time Music Party (2013 USA) [320]

Brian Vollmer grew up immersed in the musical culture of Appalachia. It was just a way of life...A patron and soon-to-be picker at bluegrass festivals and fiddler's conventions since before he can remember, he became enamored with the soul of traditional mountain music. Starting out on 5-string bluegrass banjo at parties and festivals at a young age, He soon made his way to clawhammer banjo, and then old time fiddle, particularly developing a keen ear for the more acrid sounds of backwoods country music. The result of this journey, Old Time Music Party, is a statement of Brian's musical philosophy; playing the songs and tunes he loves with his friends, all live, no overdubs. This album is a tribute to anyone who has ever caroused until the break of dawn. Joseph L. Scott

Apart from the singing, this is a good record of well played old time music by Vollmer—a young banjo picker who has enlisted 8 other musicians including Nate Leath and Joseph DeJarnette. In the notes, Vollmer lists the tunings for each piece, and gives us the sources for each of the 14 songs & tunes—these range from Roscoe Holcomb, Clyde Davenport and the Skillet Lickers to the Stanley Brothers.

1.    Arkansas Two-Step    2:04
2.    Fall On My Knees    3:43
3.    The Lost Goose    3:12
4.    Ladies On The Steamboat    2:40
5.    Elzik's Farewell    3:14
6.    Rambler's Blues    3:28
7.    Birchfield's Sally Ann    2:25
8.    Skippin' and Flyin'    3:19
9.    Been All Around This World    3:39
10.    What We Got's Rich    2:21
11.    The Green Door    2:47
12.    Trouble In Mind    3:26
13.    Skillet Licker Breakdown    2:45
14.    My Favorite Waltz    4:03
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