Friday, January 15, 2016

Dreamers` Circus - Second Movement (Denmark/Sweden 2015) @320

1. Folkrotsvalsen [3:35]
2. First Impression [1:12]
3. A Room in Paris [3:37]
4. Sofastykket [4:20]
5. The Ballad of Solitude Street [2:22]
6. Prelude to the Sun [3:50]
7. August [3:39]
8. Nine Moons [4:35]
9. Farther Into It [4:28]
10. Annea [3:39]
11. Fragments of Solbyn [11:22]

Ale Carr: cittern, clog fiddle, ukulele, acoustic guitar, double bass
Rune Tonsgaard Sørensen: violin, viola, harmonium, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, bell
Nikolaj Busk: accordion, grand piano, spinet, vibraphone, harmonium, upright piano, synthesizer, moog


Yojik said...

Second Movement

DiegOrlok said...

Wonderful music! Fantastic symphony! Many thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Yojik,

Tried to dl the recording several times, but the dl stops every time at 28 mb (the complete dl is more than 120 mb!). When trying to unzip the file I get the message that it is corrupted. Would you be so kind to re-up the album?

Thanks in advance!


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