Friday, January 22, 2016

Esquisse - Machines Infernales (2012 Bretagne / France) @320

Esquisse is a group that offers a modern Breton music. Music that is rooted in tradition but that leaves room for innovation. Their new album promises to be a reference in the world of this musical genre.

01. Hopopup - Maraîchine
02. Oxyde - Kost ar c'hoat
03. Machines infernales - Loudéac premier rond
04. Belote - baleu
05. Rebelote - Loudéac deuxième rond
06. Palms - Hanter dro
07. Vanilla - Scottish
08. Tchou-tchou - Rond paludier
09. Linda -Polka
10. La mort du roi - Mazurka
11. Massacre à la mogette

François BADEAU : diatonic accordion
Gweltaz HERVÉ : saxophones
Pierre LE NORMAND : drums
Thomas BADEAU : clarinet
 Invités :
Ronan LE GOURIEREC : bombardon, baryton sax
François ROBIN : veuze
Alain DEBIOSSAT : saxophones
Grégory JOLIVET : hurdy-gurdy
Sylvain BAROU : wooden flute


Yojik said...

Machines Infernales

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you friend!

Yojik said...

My pleasure,CK:)

Gabriel Esteves said...

Thank you! That's a hard work to find out there.

DiegOrlok said...

This is breton folk and jazz... and it is great!!! Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot! Regards.

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