Friday, January 1, 2016

Folkcorn - Al Vol (Netherlands 1981) @320

The group can be seen as the oldest, still existing Dutch folk group. After more than thirty years they have just released a new cd laet ons den landtman loven. Already in the seventies they recorded three lp's on the famous Stoof label, which can still be regarded as an important representative of Dutch traditional music. Although I interviewed the four members of the group, it is Jitze Kopinga, one of the founders of Folkcorn, who does most of the talking. However, he was often interrupted by one of the others: Laurence van der Zee, Marja van der Zee and Anneke Rot. The four of them are still enthusiastic about their music.

Vocals, Guitar, Double Bass, Kazoo, Percussion, Fiddle [Vedel], Harp [Mouth], Dulcimer, Electric Guitar – Jitze Kopinga
Vocals, Kazoo, Percussion, Autoharp – Marja Van Der Zee
Vocals, Recorder [Bass, Tenor & Soprano], Acoustic Bass, Kazoo – Laurens Van Der Zee

A1     Slaet Op De Trommele     2:55
A2     Vanden Regulier Monick    2:41
        Accordion – Bert Spin
    Violin – Steeph Custers
A3     Ende Wil Wi Tavont Ghenoechlic Sijn     3:32
A4     Nieuwjaarslied    2:36
    Harmonium – Bert SpinViolin – Steeph Custers
A5     Geuzenvesper     1:54
A6     'K Passeerde Voor De Visschemerkt     2:28
A7     De Bergverkopers / Almande Bruynsmedelijn     4:05
B1     's Maandags En 'S Maadags    2:32
    Accordion – Bert SpinViolin – Steeph Custers
B2     De Boeren En De Beer     1:56
B3     Mijn Vader Gaf My Enen Man     2:12
B4     Negen Soldaten     3:52
B5     Com Nu Ghy Romanisten Koen     2:10
B6     De Vogel Wert Gelockt, Gefluyt     2:39
B7     Gheldeloos Ghi Doet Mi Pijn    2:14
    Piano – Bert SpinViolin – Steeph Custers
B8     Al Vol     1:42


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