Monday, January 18, 2016

Giuliano Gabriele - Madre (2015 Italy) [192]

Next to Guliano (voice organ and bagpipes key), the line-up includes Lucia Cremonesi (purple, Calabrian Lira), Eduardo Vessella (frame drums, percussion), Gianfranco De Lisi (bass), John Aquino (acoustic and electric guitar ), Riccardo Bianchi (drums). We are facing a staff collected more than the debut album "Melodeonia", which gives a more cohesive sound, robust and incisive work. A fragment of polyphonic "Ohi What Bell'Aria" (recorded in Pontecorvo in 1950 and included in the collection of sound documents n. 12, edited by Giorgio Nataletti and Luigi Colacicchi Archives of Ethnomusicology of the Academy of Santa Cecilia in Rome) , it is singing propitiatory opening the CD, which runs in eleven tracks. Immediately is "Mother" programmatic title track, an expression of despair and expectation, supported by a strong rhythmic and appreciable solismi. The "Tarantella Sannicandro" bride lyricism Gargano turns to rock and aggressive sounds of guitar and electric purple, with drums Vessella always on top. "Ballicrepa" leading queued a "pop-up", performed by the bagpipe amateur (registration is 1953 by Alan Lomax) focuses a text Lucia Cremonesi and a mood of ancient choral spirit, made by the couple host Gabriele Russo (fiddle and Goffredo Degli Esposti (whistle with the drum, Buttafuoco) of the Ensemble Micrologus, A desert rock riff pushes the stunning 'Pregheria de daughters CAD', while "Logic", it requires the power of a tarantella area of ​​Calabria (in which veins show through Irish), featuring the guitar swing Francesco Loccisano. Here then the exciting "Letter from France", memory needed Italian migrant experience, with a construction in which the voice of Gabriel enhances the value of the Text of Fulvio Cocuzzo. The pace up again with "Tammu" already engraved on the debut album, but here happily reinvented, to emphasize the new articulation of the ensemble dell'organettista. The dialect of Modugno "Beddu Tambureddu "takes on the aspect of pinches, while" Memories suspended ", who proceeds on a plant circularity hypnotic rhythm, punctuated by solismi arches, leads us to intro of bagpipes of "Mad-Eye", the paroxysm for impromptu concert dark gloomy drums and orchestrated by the guru Antonio Infantino and his Tarantolati Rotary.

1    Ohi che bell'aria          0:28    
2    Madre          3:43    
3    Tarantella di Sannicandro         4:00    
4    Ballicrepa (feat. Gabriele Russo & Goffredo Degli Espositi)          4:43    
5    Preghiera de glie Cafone (feat. Giuseppe Grassi)         4:01
6    La Logica (feat. Francesco Loccisano)          4:00    
7    Lettera dalla Francia          4:38    
8    Tammù          4:40    
9    Tambureddu         4:47    
10    Memorie Sospese         3:42    
11    Malocchio (feat. Antonio Infantino)     3:24


Anonymous said...

This is very nice! Thanks for the post!

mario daloiso said...

very very THAAAAAAANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gregosgregos said...

Im' not fond of this album and these rhytms.
But I strongly recommand you to listen the great melodies Melodeonia(especially)or Ballate del Sole from the previous album.

CrimsonKing said...



Password: folkyourself

Anonymous said...

My friend, the password isn't right

CrimsonKing said...

My friend, in this case, it's correct.

mario daloiso said...

Do you have also this album for giuliano?
I search also
Kol simcha-with london symphony orchestra

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