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Guichen Quartet - Mémoire Vive (2002 France) [320]

The great adventure of Guichen Brothers started in 1986 with the creation of Ar Re Yaouank Group. Real shock Breton music of the 1990s with their rock sound, their supercharged energy, they sign mythical songs like "Breizh Positive" or "ha Dall daoned". The Guichen brothers have not lost the contagious energy of this compelling urge to invent other music and literally inflame the public!

Quartet is:
Fred Guichen: diatonic accordion
Jean-charles Guichen: acoustic guitar
Etienne Callac: Bass
David Hopkins: percussion, didjeridu

A note from Hopi (David Hopkins)
Ever since my initiation into Breton music, first with Barzaz, then with Blezi Ruz, et.,I supposed I have always harboured a dream to one day play with the brothers, Fred and Jean-Charles Guichen, whom I first heard with their legendary group Ar Re Youank. Now, after the years, that dream has come true and as an added bonus I have also the great pleasure of playing with the extraordinary bassist Etienne Callac. As they say here, "I take my foot" ..thanks guys!

1.    Ker an Dour - Jig my Pig    5:47
2.    Vide    4:26
3.    Atoll - St Nicodème s Trip    3:08
4.    Radiation    4:11
5.    Gougane    5:34
6.    Min Picks - Paternité    7:22
7.    Mc Bride's    6:07
8.    Mensonge    5:58
9.    Del Castello de Trégarantec - Scott    4:59
10.    Odivi    3:18
11.    Gavotte du Triceratops    4:20
12.    Coude à coude    6:05
13.    G4    4:24


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Mémoire Vive
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