Thursday, January 14, 2016

Kathryn Tickell & The Side (2014 England) [320]

1    Early Air/Tullochgorum    5:09
2     New Minuet/Confluence    3:33
3     Dark Skies Waltz    2:56
4     Queen of Pleasure    3:37
5     Sideslip    2:37
6     Bonny Breezes    2:08
7     Nightingale/Molly on the Shore Reel    4:21
8     Penguin Notes    3:22
9     Ad Gefrin/The Monday Men    5:29
10     Stonehaugh    5:21
11     The Prior's Standard    4:41
12     Ship Tyne Main    3:20


Skylamb said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Tons of thank you Skylamb!
Your contribution is fantastic!

Miguel said...

Hola Skylamp!

Nice to see you still jumping from musique to muique : )

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting the Tickell albums, as they are difficult to find. It seems, however, that the usual password won't open them. Please tell me what I'm missing. Thanks!

Skylamb said...

@anonymous, I tested all my rar files with the password, and they are all working for me. Are you having trouble with all of them?

Skylamb said...

Hi Miguel Good to see you too!!

Skylamb said...
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Anonymous said...

Tried and tried this new link and PW but it would not work, (I am not the same anon who posted above)

CrimsonKing said...


Kathryn Tickell & The Side


Anonymous said...

Good One CK !Thanks

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