Sunday, January 17, 2016

Leegajus - Eesti Rahvalaule Ja Pillilugusid (1979 Estonia) [192]

A1     Kui Mina Hakkan Laulemoi (When My Song I Sing)    
A2     Rädidants (Kerchief Dance)    
A3     Kuule, Kulla Kodoimä (Listen, Listen, Mother Dear)    
A4     Läikuselaul (Harvest Song)    
A5     Kirbuga Kiribusse (To Church With A Flee)    
A6     Pruudivaltser (The Bride A-Waltzing Goes)    
A7     Kiigelaul (A Swing-song)    
A8     Taagepera Polka (The Taagepara Polka)    
A9     Aiamäng (A Garden Round-Game)    
A10     Vana Paabo Polka (Old Paabo's Polka)    
B1     Meesie Peolaul (Men's Festival Song)    
B2     Kul'atamise Laul (Singing As We Stroll)    
B3     Tantsulugu (A Dance Tune)    
B4     Pasunalugu (A Horn Tune)    
B5     Laisad Karjasaatjad (The Lazy Housewife)    
B6     Roopillilugu (A Reed-pipe Tune)    
B7     Karjaselaul (A Herdsgirl's Song)    
B8     Pasunalugu (A Horn Tune)    
B9     Tutu-Lutu, Aja Sarvel (A Horn's Hulloo !)    
B10     Kubjas Ja Teomees (The Serf And The Overseer)    
B11     Tarupillivalss (A Bagpipe Waltz)    
B12     Polka (A Polka)


Skylamb said...
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Skylamb said...

pw: folkyourself

Dave said...

Thank you very much. An excellent mix of music types and a nice clean encode.

Dedé said...

Amazing blog and post! A big thanks from Brazil for all the work!

CrimsonKing said...

Valeu. Obrigado.

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