Friday, January 8, 2016

Marc Malempré & Rémi Decker - Codicille 2013 (Chanson populaire de wallonie) (2013 Belgium) @320

In 1872, the Society for Literature in Wallonie established a competition for the most complete collection of «Cramignons de Liège» - a type of folk dance unique to this region. The first price was a gold medal and 150 Francs. The winner of the contest was Leonard TERRY and Leopold CHAUMONT obtained the Certificate of merit. 
From this, we can see that there was already an awareness that the folk culture was dying out. 
This collection of «Cramignons», combined with personal collections of transcribed oral memory in the Ardennes and papers by other researchers, provide our sources. This CD is inspired by the traditional songs of village singers in Wallonie and we hope we have captured the popular spirit that drove them. 
The Sunday dances, songs and melodies played in the countryside of South Belgium represent the music of modest people. They are presented to you with or without additional harmony and they try to reconcile today’s and yesterday’s styles.

01. J’ai mon amant pour rire avec moi
02. Jean-Pierre était un brave homme
03. Voici le printemps, mon cousin
04. Je voudrais un amant
05. Je suis saoul de ma femme
06. Ma mère, ma très chère mère
07. Soldat qui revient de la guerre
08. À bas les rideaux
09. La fille du garde
10. L'honneur gardé
11. J'a m'tabeur, mes clique et mes claque
12. Le cornemuseux
13. Si j'avais un bon ami
14. Mazurka-lin

Marc Malempré: chant, violon, cornemuse
Rémi Decker: guitare, chant, cornemuse, whistle, flûte

Guest Musicians:
Martin de Roos: chant, accordéon
Frédéric Malempré: percussions
Guillaume Malempré: batterie
Florence Bailly: violoncelle, chant
Olivier Poumay: harmonica
Koninklijke Fanfare VERENIGDE VRIENDEN van Wolfsdonk:
Saxophone - Tenor
Saxophone - Baryton 


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Codicille 2013 (Chanson populaire de wallonie)
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