Monday, January 4, 2016

Peter Puma Hedlund - Vägen (2003 Sweden) @320

"With my last record, Vägen (Swedish for the road or the way), I wanted to demonstrate how beautiful the sound of a lone nyckelharpa can be. It has a voice which, to my knowledge, no other instrument even comes close to approximating. Prior to Vägen, a lone nyckelharpa had never before been featured on a major CD. This is now done and I can move on to other things - take another road, choose another way."

Peter Puma Hedlund is considered Sweden's leading traditional player of the modern chromatic nyckelharpa, having won the title World Champion twice, in 1992 and 2000. Peter and his nyckelharpa are a commanding presence whilst in the act of bringing forth music. Pure magic. The music is a powerful continuationÑa linking of the past, present and future.

Peter is proud of the strong musical tradition and heritage that nurtured him as he grew up in Uppland. He plays nyckelharpa for fun and states this repeatedly when asked questions about his style and interpretation. Peter's technique is unsurpassed. His exceedingly precise playing is characterized by deep murmuring tones, liquid cascades of ornaments and flourishes and gives the uncanny perception that there is more than one of him playing at once.

When he has gone as far as technique can take him, Peter probes deeper to complement technique with powerful personal interpretation. His tones remind one of older sounds, and rightly so, as they are coming from a mind and soul that has listened to and learned directly from the old masters. Peter's primary inspiration and teacher was the legendary Eric Sahlström.

Justly proud of his position in the realm of Swedish traditional music, Peter is gradually expanding the horizons of nyckelharpa expression. In his role as an instructor, he has the opportunity to influence and nurture the growth and development of the next generation of nyckelharpa players. Peter also makes tunes, which are quickly gaining favor among today's nyckelharpa players. Neglected and almost forgotten by the 1940s and 50s, the modern chromatic nyckelharpa is blossoming as never before both in Sweden and elsewhere, especially the USA.

1    Nyingen    3:01
2     Linus på linjen / Sista polskan    2:57
3     Flickorna Svensson    3:06
4     Hållnäspolketten    1:58
5     Hem Till Dalen    2:26    
6    Femtioårspolskan    2:42
7     Hanna Larssons Schottis    3:28
8     Vals från Karlholm    3:51
9     Iva-Polskan    2:56
10     Byss-Calles A-Moll Vals    1:25
11     Novemberpolska    2:42
12     Mungalåten    3:35
13     Älgmarschen    4:11
14     Jonas Polska    2:08
15     Åhkerschottis    2:50
16     Fan på Gräsö    2:27


Skylamb said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Skylamb.
I did not know this artist.
Looking forward to hear him.

Rubilacxe said...

Thank you very much for this album. I know one other artist from England who plays the nyckelharpa, Griselda Sanderson. She also plays the hardanger fiddle and the violin.

Rubilacxe said...

Griselda Sanderson had her latest album Radial coming out last year october.

Skylamb said...

New link:
pw: folkyourself

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