Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ro:Toro - Estonian Bagpipe (2007 Estonia) [224]

The innovative Estonian traditional music band RO:TORO plays mainly traditional bagpipe tunes. The saxophone and percussion instruments add a modern sound to the bagpipes while the underlying soundscape remains primeval and bagpipe-centred. Cätlin Mägi has studied Estonian bagpipe in the UT Viljandi Culture Academy. Sandra Sillamaa has been her student for 10 years. They have developed a magnificent musical understanding of each other. Marko Mägi adds freshness with his saxophone jazz and spices the music up with surprising improvisations. Silver Sepp creates unique sound and rhythm universes playing with water drums and bicycle spokes. Marek Talts on the electric guitar messes it all up – jazz guitar in his hands can suddenly become an electric traditional instrument or something else. The age of Estonian bagpipe music is measured in hundreds of years. The medium age of the members of RO:TORO is 34, they stand firmly in the present day with both of their feet and believe that their music can, at the best of times, cross the border to the future.

Sandra Sillamaa – Estonian bagpipe, whistle, Jew’s harp
Cätlin Mägi – Estonian bagpipe, whistle Jew’s harp
Marko Mägi – soprano and tenor saxophone
Marek Talts – electric guitar
Silver Sepp – bowl and spoke instruments, vocals

1.    Lükata, tõmmata ja Isa labajalg    4:02
2.    Hiidlase vene kamarushka    3:41
3.    Torupillilugu    4:09
4.    Kollane nokamütsiga rändaja    5:30
5.    Mustjala paarisrong    2:30
6.    Nael kummi    2:13
7.    Oh, oh, oh, kui hea...    5:40
8.    Torupilli Jussi labajalg    2:57
9.    Kalamees    4:17
10.    Läbi lillede    3:47
11.    Karjapoisi polka ja Kahuralli polka    2:27
12.    Paras reha    2:34
13.    Pulmamarss    4:53
14.    Isa labajalg    10:34


Skylamb said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much KC ! You rock. Nice to discover all these estonian folk! -dancer

CrimsonKing said...

Say Thanks to Skylamb, not to me :)

Skylamb said...

New link:
pw: folkyourself

Brian Grosjean said...

I searched for folk music when I was in Talinn last September, but when I returned a friend sent me two wonderful music samplers from Estonian Traditional Music Center, though I do not see it on their site now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Skylamb,
Thanks for posting. This album is fantastic! I'm really inspired and I might incorporated one or two RO:TORO track in my band's repertoire. I'm aware that RO:TORO has some more albums. They're hard to get. Does anybody has them available?


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to publish the download link again? Thanks in advance!

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