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Sliabh Notes - Sliabh Notes (1996 Ireland) [320]

The music of Ireland's Sliabh (Schleeve) Luachra region, a mountainous area that straddles the counties of Cork, Kerry and Limerick, is justly noted for its vibrant dance music where the polka and slide are king. Comprised of Limerich-born accordionist Donal Murphy, a founding member of Four Men & A Dog, County Cork's master fiddler, Matt Cranitch and County Kerry guitar ace and vocalist Tommy O'Sullivan, this trio brings together Sliabh Luachra's instantly identifiable dance sound with songs and tunes that reflect the Irish contribution to the music of the American south.

Matt Cranitch - First coming to prominence in the 60's as a member of Cork based trio Na Filí, Matt Cranitch has been involved in many groups of different hues, from the aforementioned, with whom he made many several albums, outfits like The Lee Valley String Band and Any Old Time with whom he has made three fine albums. He has also recorded extensively as a solo artist with releases like Eistigh Seal and Take A Bow to his credit in addition to instructional books on fiddle playing.

Donal Murphy - Though still a very young man, Donal Murphy has been involved in Irish music for many years. Since first coming to prominence as a member of Four Men And A Dog in 1990, he has traveled widely on his mission to save Irish music, to places as far apart as Barcelona, Finland and Listowel. His rhythmic playing is the perfect foil for Matt Cranitch's fiddle style and his music has been described as having "a rare twinkle in its eye".

Tommy O' Sullivan - Now known for unfathomable reasons as 'The Jarvey' Tommy O' Sullivan cut his musical teeth playing outfits in the UK and continental Europe. While there he traveled widely with bands such as Ashplant and is almost a household word in Denmark. He has a great ear for a good song, as is evidenced by his choice of material for Sliabh Notes, and wishes it to be known that he is working hard on perfecting a fourth chord. His vocal style is sure to earn many accolades.

This album is about 1/2 bluegrass ;)

1.    Terry 'Cuz Teahans Polka, Murphy's Polka, O'Sullivan's Polka    2:58
2.    Siney's Jig, Rathawaun, The Hair In The Corn    3:07
3.    Galway    3:58
4.    The Hairy Dogleaf, Be It Known To You, The Ganger's Ass    3:45
5.    Aly's Waltz    3:48
6.    Bluegrass In The Backwoods    2:57
7.    From The Heart    3:57
8.    The Greencastle Hornpipe    3:19
9.    The Anniversary Polka, Daybreak, The Kerry Bar    3:02
10.    Mick O'Connor's Reel, The Shores of Lough Ree, The Humours Of Toonagh    3:33
11.    The Prisoner's Song    3:03
12.    The Dirty Trettles, Lep The Table    2:32
13.    East Tennessee Blues, Stone's Rag    2:20


Skylamb said...

Sliabh Notes
pw: folkyourself

Bear said...

I don't think I've ever encountered American old time music on this blog, but I'm always pleased to hear clawhammer banjo and fiddle, wherever it turns up. Thank you, Skylamb.

Barron said...

Wonderful! Thank you, Skylamb. Good stuff today!

pauloz said...

Thanks Skylamb!

Skylamb said...

There is SOME american music worth listening to ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the upload, I look forward to listening to the album.

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