Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Slovenska Gruda - Pesmi (1983 Slovenia) @320

Apparently, there still exist a few more Slovenian (former Yugoslavia) releases worth discovering I didn’t know of. Slovenska Gruda has some qualities that can be related to the 80s Sedmina band ;  possibly these are the sort of qualities that are more easily developed in Slovenia, with a sound that can be related/connected to the area or education and perhaps to the local folk music styles/possibilities in expression. Concerning this particular band, I also wonder how much something was also not due to a classical education. We hear nicely accompanying strums and pickings, a special way to threat harmony vocals, with a real distinction between male and female vocals layers or sections, responses or solo responses, which sound as if from a rich tradition. Here and there there’s a little bit of flute and only guitar, which is the only element that provides the rhythms. The style varies in between a folk flavoured style, towards almost Renaissance-influenced folk, with the 8th track that has something more up tempo or countryesque, while the last track has more raw and personalised vocal harmonies.  An album worth tracing and placing amongst the progfolk items from the area/times, like Sedmine, Suncockret,...

There exist two reissues (2008 and 2014)

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Darja Švajger
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin – Vlado Vadlja
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Flute [Block] – Andrej Tomšič

A1     Pušico Na Ramo Djal     2:37
A2     Ranjen Junak     2:40
A3     Se Davno Mrači     4:02
A4     Grajski Vrtnar     4:18
A5     Cigan    3:24
B1     Dominik     2:40
B2     Micika Zvesta Deklica     2:52
B3     Sveti Jurij In Zmaj     2:18
B4     Alenčica Sestrica Gregčeva     4:05
B5     Kraljevič Se Zaljubi V Pastiričico     3:05
B6     Huda Mačeha     3:05


Skylamb said...
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doc said...

This is a suspect upload site.

CrimsonKing said...

What you mean?

Jon said...

CK, I've downloaded tons of files from 1fichier. Two things. If you don't have an add block it will throw some extra sites your way. Dating, on line movies and TV and junk like that. You just have to delete (X) them. Secondly if you are a free user it restricts how often you can download. Where I am just grabbing a file it isn't a problem. If there were several it could become restrictive. As far as any lasting damage I haven't had any. Also I did not get any warnings from Avast when I downloaded just now. If anything the annoying pop-ups are the most noticeable and meddlesome. Jon

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Jon.
Skylamb has a premium account there and is logical she to use her files there to post at FY.
I know there are some pop-up, but simply close them. And about restrictions in free mode it's normal in many hosts. I also never had problems downloading there.
Conclusion: Who think it's dangerous to do the download, simply don't do.

Skylamb said...

@doc, I wait between downloads for two other file hosters with slow speeds. But Using jdownloader program prevents all the pop-ups for me....

Skylamb said...

New link:
pw: folkyourself

Feilimid O'Broin said...

Thank you, Skylamb. I agree with Jon. I have never had any problems with your downloading your posts or those of any other contributors on this site. Also like Jon, I use Avast. Because I have set my security settings on Mozilla to the highest level, I occasionally received warnings when downloading from other trusted blogs that the download host is untrustworthy. According to Avast, this usually means that an advertiser with Malware is seeking access at the same time. Avast blocks accesses by such sites and notifies me. Even when I have bypassed the warning and downloaded the file, Avast and Malware Bytes both permit me to scan the unzipped file to check it for viruses or malware before I open it. Invariably the downloads are as safe as others I download from the blog. I also have Adblock which blocks, for the most part, advertisements.

Thank you so much for this and all of your posts especially the most recent ones. They are wonderful.

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