Friday, January 15, 2016

Sonerien Du - Frankiz (Bretagne/France 2015) @320

The album was conceived and recorded between December 2014 and March 2015.
Frankiz, in Breton: freedom; The title of the album appeared as an obvious to the musicians of the group after the attacks of the beginning of January, reminding us how to remain vigilant to preserve our freedom of expression, our freedom.
This CD of 13 tracks alternates as usual, between instrumental and songs on subjects often festive and sometimes serious.
The song in Breton composed by Louis-Jacques Suignard which closes the album pays tribute to another artist, Paul Bloas, graphic artist Brest, specialist in ephemeral paintings.
The DVD presents the recording of the set Sonerien Du at the Cyber Fest-Noz at the
festival of Brodeuses, on Sunday, July 13, 2014. It naturally includes all the great classics.

1. Gouel an Erer Kozh 4:38
2. Dans mon jardin 3:59
3. Les Perdrix 4:24
4. Les Points 4:20
5. Ti-tan 4:25
6. Louise 4:52
7. Fromentine 5:24
8. Le Vieux Chêne 4:25
9. Canter Cajun 4:14
10. Le Banquet des Trépassés 4:24
11. Evit ar Re Gozh 5:52
12. Histoires de filles 4:41
13. Frankiz 6:43

Gérard Belbeoch (since 1985) : Drums, percussions, programming, vocals
Dominique Lardic (since 1988) : Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
Philippe Ferec (since 1995) : Keyboards, accordion, programming, vocals
Chim Cadudal (since 2010) : Scottish bagpipes, biniou kozh, veuze, gaïta, vocals
Julien Tymen (since 2010) : Bombards, flutes, clarinet, vocals
Claude Ziegler (since 2011) : Fiddle, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, vocals
Christophe Runarvot (since 2013) : Bass, vocals


Yojik said...
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Anonymous said...

Super, I ,like Fest Noz Music!
Thank you very much !!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I did not know Sonerien Du was still making recordings.


surcouf said...

They're still alive and well. I saw them in their town (Pont l'Abbé) for the 40th anniversary concert in 2012 and they still rock !

surcouf said...

I almost worn out ...the tracks from listening again and again; next time I'll go to Britanny I'll buy the CD.

Anonymous said...

can you resend because the link is dead - thank you

CrimsonKing said...


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