Friday, January 1, 2016

Talabarte - Talabarte (2011 Galicia, Spain) @320

A new band that is focused on the contemporary folk and acoustic music in Galicia. The project brings together three veteran musicians on the Galician musical scene: Quim Farinha (Berrogüetto) on the violin, diatonic accordion by Pedro Pascual (Marful) and the double bass by Kin García (Susana Seivane). This is their first album, a work that breathes fresh, flawless invoice, full of nuances and imaginative arrangements.

1. Tres Golpes 4:40
2. Pasacorredoiras Gorentoso 4:55  
3. Vísteme Amodo Que Teño Presa 6:26
4. Sara 5:32
5. Santiagreb 5:11  
6. Arbore-Struga 6:26
7. Vl'à L'printemps 5:15
8. Ghoteando 4:28
9. Abaníqueme 4:40
10. Fendendo Achas 5:48
11. O Garotinho De Nebra 5:53  
12. Le Route Des Avaloirs 3:21  
13. Arrandiando 6:09

Quim Farinha (violin), 
Pedro Pascual (diatonic accordion), 
Kin García (double bass)


Yojik said...
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CrimsonKing said...

Thank you my friend :)

Anonymous said...

Super group! Beautiful cd!
Thank you Yojik.

Yojik said...

You`re welcome, friends!:)

P Losada said...

Thank you mate, this band is awesome!

Anonymous said...

This blog is great !!

Can you reupload Talabarte´s work ? please

CrimsonKing said...



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