Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tsuumi Sound System - Floating Letters [2013 Finland] @320

Tsuumi Sound System is one of Finland’s internationally most notable modern folk music bands. Rooted in Nordic folk traditions and innovative modern ideas, this eight-piece ensemble draws their strength from a huge mixture of influences. The band is known for their unique compositions and very intense live performances. Tsuumi Sound System has also been described to be the rock band of the Finnish folk music field.

Tsuumi Sound System released their third album Floating Letters in 2013. The album is produced by Swedish guitar-legend Roger Tallroth from Väsen. Floating Letters follows the musical continuum of Tsuumi Sound System’s previous albums Growing Up (2009) and Hotas (2007) with its explosive touch. Floating Letters includes energetic show folk music with massive volume, as well as carefully crafted compositions with fine and delicate feeling.

01 - Darkwing Polska
02 - Floating Letters
03 - Waltzinki (Uusi Valssi Helsingistä)
04 - Square Two
05 - Twisted Invention
06 - Minka's Dream
07 - Smilla
08 - Altitude
09 - Silmäkkeessä
10 - Years Passing
11 - Circus On Ice
12 - Dansk Fest

Kella, Hannu (accordion)
Asplund, Tommi (violin)
Järvelä, Esko (violin)
Järvelä, Cloud (piano, harmonium)
Kivelä, Jani (guitars)
Berghäll, Joakim (saxophone, percussion, bass clarinet)
Anttila, Tarmo (double bass)
Nikula, John (drums, percussion, banjo: the guitar).


CrimsonKing said...
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Jim Eddy said...

Thank you, this is an excellent band. Appreciate the share!

CrimsonKing said...

I agree with you Jim :)

Anonymous said...

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CrimsonKing said...

Obrigado pelo aviso Arnaldo.

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Fique tranquilo, pois isso não é problema algum.

CrimsonKing said...


Floating Letters

Anonymous said...

Nice content!

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