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Le Bal Brotto Lopez - Adiu miladiu ! (2016 France) @320

01. Adiu miladiu ! (feat. Cédric Aguila) (Scottish)
02. Còr adobat (feat. Les Ogres de Barback) (Mazurka)
03. Quand io me'n vau per las bòrdas (feat. Cédric Aguila, Monique Coujou, Lucette Castet, Bernadette Brunet, Nicolas Panek) (Rondeau de Gamatan)
04. Fèsta d'uèi (Valse)
05. Suite de rondes (Ronde du Quercy)
06. Le dansarem pas pus (Bourrée de 2 temps)
07. Sons et soufflets (Rondeau)
08. Se totes cocuts (Polka)
09. Lo galant (Branle)
10. Lo cocut es mòrt (Scottish valse)
11. Suite de congos
12. Pastorel de delà l'aiga, pt. 1
13. Passat deman (feat. Alexandra Lacouchie) (Bourrée)
14. Suite bourées du limousin (feat. Alexandra Lacouchie) (Bourrée)
15. Pastorel de delà l'aiga, pt. 2
16. Le bal Kessecé (feat. Bernard Cauhapé)
17. Ombreta per ombreta (feat. Guy Ufferte, Cédric Aguila, Monique Coujou, Lucette Castet, Bernadette Brunet) (Valse)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dréos - The Clearing (2015 United States) [320]

Eliot Grasso
uilleann pipes • flute

Brandon Vance

Glen Waddell
guitar • bouzouki • smallpipes • bodhrán

Dréos is an ensemble of performing composers who invent and arrange new and old music using a traditional vocabulary. The word “Dréos” comes from Scottish Gaelic, and translates into the English word “blaze.” The group was founded by Eliot Grasso (uilleann pipes & flute), Brandon Vance (fiddle & voice), and Glen Waddell (guitar & bouzouki).

Genesis: An instant, uncanny artistic chemistry was clear from the moment Eliot and Brandon first played together, years ago at a Friday Harbor festival in Washington State. This meeting would be remembered. For a time, they parted ways, their musical and academic careers propelling them along parallel tracks in different parts of the world. Brandon left the Pacific Northwest to study violin performance at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Eliot headed off to pursue degrees in ethnomusicology and musicology at the University of Limerick and University of Oregon. Despite these divergent paths, Brandon and Eliot kept in contact, and in February 2014, they convened in Eugene, Oregon, with accompanist Glen Waddell to perform in Beall Hall at the University of Oregon. That musical reunion ignited a performing and recording venture, of which this album is a kind of firstfruit.

Eliot Grasso is known in Irish traditional music as an uilleann piper, flute-player, and composer. He is deeply interested in the art of melodic variation, and how this dynamic process has been transmitted from teacher to student in the Irish dance music tradition.

Brandon Vance is one of the foremost Scottish fiddlers in North America. He is a collector of old things – especially old tunes and the fashions of playing them. This penchant led him to the world of early music, where he found the intersection of the fiddle and violin – a sort of limbo where he comfortably resides.

A Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Glen Waddell has one younger brother who once punched him in the face the day before a cornet competition, leaving him with the misfortune of having a split lip and the choice to play or sit out. He played.

1. Strathspey & Reels: Devil in the Kitchen/Tie the Bonnet/The Sound of Mull 
2. Jigs: The Empty Tomb*/Samuel’s Grand Entrance*/Old Cape Hatteras*
3. Waltz: The Clearing§
4. Waltz: Silver Trees*
5. Slip Jig & Jigs: Erin’s§/Caitlin’s Jig§/Brown Ale
6. Song: She Moved Through the Fair
7. Jigs: The Empty Bookcase*/The Lights of Limerick*/The Pepper Man*
8. Reels: Weaving to Friday Harbor*/Andrew Dewberry’s*/Ellie’s New Hat*
9. Air: Day Dawn
10. Air: Boundless*
11. Highland Strathspey, Strathspey, & Reel: Rebecca’s Highland Fling§/Winter Welcome§/Itchy Feet§
12. Marches: The Battle of Waterloo/O’Neill’s Cavalcade/Bonaparte Crossing the Alps
13. Strathspey & Reels: Islenska§/Flight of the Penguins§/Dancin’ Thro’ the Gates§
14. Reel: The Clumsy Lover

* = composed by Eliot Grasso
§ = composed by Brandon Vance

Dan Ar Braz Et L'heritage Des Celtes - Finisterres (1997 France) [275v0]

The Legacy of the Celts is a meeting of musicians from countries claiming the Celtic tradition, initiated by two Quimper, producer Jakez Bernard and singer-guitarist Dan Ar Braz. Together they play traditional Celtic music as well as compositions of Dan Ar Braz, on rock and folk arrangements.

Started as a gathering of friends to celebrate 70 years of the festival of Cornwall, adventure far exceeded their expectations: 2.5 million albums sold, thousands of spectators in the largest concert spaces of France (Bercy , Zéniths, stadiums, festivals) and two Grammys. Thus they are chosen to represent France at Eurovision 1996.

1.    Broken Prayer    2:48
2.    Holyhead    4:04
3.    La Costa De Galicia    3:37
4.    Mi Le M'uilinn    4:32
5.    Ril An Suaimhnis - The Copper Hills Of Beara    3:51
6.    Le Pays    5:34
7.    Evit Ar Barz    4:32
8.    La Broella    4:12
9.    Kilbrandon - The Little Cascade    3:44
10.    Left In Peace    4:44
11.    Finisterres    3:39
12.    Se Mo Gradh Na Gamhna Geala    4:15
13.    The Chestnut Tree - The Dreaming sea - Michael O'Dwyer's Jig    4:31
14.    Diwanit Bugale    4:18

David Schnaufer - Dulcimer Sessions (1992 United States) [320]

1.    If She's Gone, Let Her Go    1:26
2.    Blackberry Blossom    2:01
3.    Sandy    4:29
4.    Down Yonder    2:51
5.    Lady Jane    2:10
6.    Juley Calhoun    2:44
7.    All I Have To Do Is Dream    3:00
8.    Spaced Out & Blue    1:58
9.    Packington's Pound The Almaine    4:06
10.    Orphan's Picnic    1:44
11.    Wait A Minute    1:05
12.    Santiago's Shottis    2:30
13.    Spanish Harlem    2:44
14.    Wheeling    1:19
15.    Ebeneezer Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss    3:46
16.    Colors    3:15
17.    Fisher's Hornpipe    2:05

David Schnaufer - Dulcimer Player Deluxe (1989 United States) [320]

Mr. Schnaufer was born in Hearne, Tex., and grew up in La Marque, Tex. He bought his first dulcimer in Austin for $40.

The dulcimer evolved from zithers brought to North America by German immigrants in the 17th and 18th centuries. It was common in Appalachian folk music.

After winning several dulcimer contests and sending out recordings to country labels and artists, Mr. Schnaufer moved to Nashville in the 1980's, the university said.

"Nashville turned out to be the perfect place for David to be able to take the dulcimer to its greatest heights," the acclaimed fiddle player Mark O'Connor told The Tennessean. Mr. O'Connor and Mr. Schnaufer collaborated on an instrumental version of ''Both Sides Now'' that was included on Mr. O'Connor's album "Elysian Forest" in 1988.

Mr. Schnaufer also recorded with the Judds, June Carter Cash, Kathy Mattea, Mark Knopfler, Emmylou Harris and others. His solo albums included "Delcimore," "Dulcimer Player" and "Dulcimer Deluxe."

David Schnaufer, a session musician who helped restore the popularity of the dulcimer and recorded with Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins and others, died here Wednesday. He was 53.

His death was announced by Vanderbilt University, where he was an adjunct associate professor of the instrument at the Blair School of Music. He had recently entered a hospice and had been suffering from cancer.

1.    Morning Birds    1:44
2.    Here Comes The Sun    2:12
3.    Santa Anna's Retreat    2:25
4.    Last Date    2:37
5.    San Antonio Rose    2:46
6.    Beautiful Dreamer    2:36
7.    Wings Of A Dove    2:20
8.    Greensleeves    3:48
9.    Somewhere Over The Rainbow    3:13
10.    Twilight Eyes    3:25
11.    Jesu Joy    2:30
12.    Viper Moon    2:54
13.    Steel Guitar Rag    2:30
14.    Blue Moon Of Kentucky    2:39
15.    Mr Snow    4:13
16.    Fisher's Hornpipe    2:05
17.    When Silence Was Golden    3:27
18.    Dapper John's Reel    2:18
19.    I Wonder As I Wander    2:56
20.    Pitch A Fit    2:22
21.    Starry Lullabye    2:32
22.    Rock Th' Shay    2:37
23.    The Way You Move The Air    4:32
24.    Wildwood Flower    1:59
25.    O Pony    2:48
26.    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry    2:52

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Trio Guerbigny - Les pieds sur la braise volume 2 (2009 France) @320

Dance music of Poitou. Based on the diatonic accordion trio, violin and guitar, Benoit Guerbigny, Gabriel Lenoir and Aurélien Tanghe offer us a world to see: a carefully dosed choice of music to dance as much as listen to their requirement unites the two terms. By combining high tradition tunes Poitou and more free style compositions but always stylish, facing the whole of Europe, they give the best of current folk.

Trio Guerbigny :
Benoit Guerbigny (accordéon, voix)
Gabriel Lenoir (Violon)
Aurélien Tanghe (Guitare)

Invités : 
Leonor Palazzo (violoncelle)
François Breugnot (Violons)

01. Marchoises de Magné
02. Avant deux Tidelidi / Avant deux à Michel
03. Lost
04. Scottish rurale
05. Dany
06. Bourrée chahute / Le château de Ledquent
07. L'aurillacoise / Pari perdu 
08. Pas d'été à Bozier / Pas d'été de Verrue
09. Marchoises
10. La montaison 
11. Avant deux de Vitteaux

Friday, February 19, 2016

Wendy Stewart and Gary West - Hinterlands (2009 Scotland) [198vbr]

Hinterlands, the new CD from Wendy Stewart and Gary West, pairs two of Scotland`s finest players on two of Scotland`s oldest instruments - the harp and the bagpipes. Wendy and Gary delve into their tradition and deliver a unique blend of song and melody performed with subtlety, skill and panache.But don't just take our word for that - the music critic of one national newspaper in Scotland agrees:

"WENDY Stewart is one of Scotland's top performers on the small harp, here in partnership with piper, academic, broadcaster and ex-Ceolbeg bandmate Gary West, plus guest cello and percussion. Together they have created a thoughtful, unusual album of tunes and songs that explore disparate musical idioms - and continents – in original and refreshing ways. West has a warm way with a song ... while Stewart gives us a new melodic setting of Burns' 'Ae Fond Kiss' and relishes the harmonic possibilities of his 'Slave's Lament'. The instrumental work is everywhere excellent." Norman Chalmers, Scotland on Sunday

Wendy and Gary have been playing together since they met in the 1980s in the Scottish folk group Ceolbeg, one of the leaders in the celtic revival. Wendy explains: ‘We have done a lot of playing together since Ceolbeg days, and have really enjoyed exploring the unique blend between bagpipes and harp.’
Not only do their instruments blend well, but their voices do too. Many fans, used to hearing Wendy and Gary as part of Ceolbeg, will be unaware of their vocal talents. Talents used to great effect on this beautifully crafted CD.
Starting with a 1600s graceful Port from the Straloch manuscript and a lively Lancashire hornpipe, songs and melodies carry the listener right up to the 2000s with a previously unrecorded Gordon Duncan tune. Continents are covered too with Burns` comment on the African trade, `The Slave`s Lament`, musically linked to a Cuban Habanera and the final track, the haunting piobaireachd `The Company`s Lament`, immortalising the East India Company.

Gary continues: ‘For our first recording together, we wanted to select songs and tunes that have a special significance for us, whether they’re in honour of good friends, family or personal to our own part of Scotland, or just special to us because we enjoy them. We hope that they’re as enjoyable to listen to as they were to perform.”
The album was recorded at Watercolour Music in Ardgour, with the help of engineer Nick Turner and musicians Christine Hanson on cello and Jim Walker on percussion.

Wendy Stewart has been instrumental in the revival of the traditional harp since the 70s, learning from the great Jean Campbell in Edinburgh and going on to perform in bands playing repertoire as diverse as Irish/French , Cajun/Scandinavian and North West English.

On returning to Scotland from a time in lovely Lancaster, Wendy joined the ranks of well kent outfit Ceolbeg and discovered the delights of playing alongside the Highland bagpipes in the very capable hands of Gary West. With the addition of full drumkit, synth, guitar and harmony vocals this lot made quite a noise and Wendy still has the electro harp to prove it.

She also recorded 3 solo albums and, now resident in beautiful Dumfriesshire, teaches and performs widely. Whether helping in the revival of the harp on Lewis, tutoring at the RSAMD in Glasgow or singing in her local choir `Cairn Chorus` all stem from a love of music and strong sense of community.

From Pitlochry, in Perthshire, Gary West learned his piping with the much acclaimed Vale of Atholl pipe band with whom he played for 18 years winning both the Scottish and European Championships.

In the late 1980s, he began to play a prominent role in the folk music scene, joining Ceolbeg in 1988, and becoming a founder member of the Scottish ‘supergroup’ Clan Alba in 1991, playing alongside such luminaries as Dick Gaughan and Brian McNeil. He is in regular demand as a recording session player, and has performed on over 20 CDs.

His first solo album, The Islay Ball, was released in 2001 on the Greentrax label, and has been very well received by the critics.

Gary is Head of Celtic and Scottish Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His teaching and research interests include issues of local and national identity; the history of Scottish music, revivals and oral history. Gary also presents BBC Radio Scotland’s weekly specialist piping programme, Pipeline.

Since Ceolbeg days, Gary and Wendy have continued exploring tunes - and more recently, songs , together and their shared knowledge and love of the Scottish tradition performed on two of Scotland’s oldest instruments is the splendid result on their CD `Hinterlands`

1.    Full Moon Down Under    4:25
2.    Marie Hamilton    4:57
3.    Lancashire Hornpipes    3:44
4.    Loch Tay Boat Song    6:27
5.    Goodwife of Morpeth    3:27
6.    Gordon Cottage Set    3:24
7.    Ae Fond Kiss    4:11
8.    The Twa Sisters    5:20
9.    Rory Dall's Port Set    5:17
10.    Todlen Hame    4:07
11.    Ian Green / Miss Proud    4:14
12.    Slave's Lament / Habanera Gris    5:30
13.    The Company's Lament    6:35

I really like this one folks.

A lovely cohesive album of instruments and voices :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Folk och Rackare - Anno 1979 (1979 Sweden) @192

Anno 1979 is a music album from 1979 by the Swedish group Folk och Rackare. The album consists of interpretations of Swedish medieval ballads, songs and folk music in a style influenced by British folk rock. It was released by Sonet gramophone.

01 - Harpans kraft
02 - Gangar efter Einar Mjölsnes
03 - Ruben Ranzo
04 - Vilborg på Kveste
05 - Bromsen och flugan
06 - Silibrand
07 - Rull efter Lars Istad
08 - När som jag var på mitt artonde år
09 - Reinlender
10 - Långdanser

Fiddle, Hardingfele, Mandolin, Crumhorn, Vocals – Trond Villa
Guitar, Mandolin, Dulcimer, Crumhorn, Vocals – Jørn Jensen
Vocals, Dulcimer, Psaltery [Bowed] – Carin Kjellman
Vocals, Guitar, Crumhorn, Percussion – Ulf Gruvberg

Brotto Lopez Sextet - La ronda dels viatges (2014 France/Occitania) @320

Guillaume Lopez (chant, flûtes, cornemuse, compositions)  
Cyrille Brotto (accordéon diatonique, compositions)  
Pascal Celma (basse,arrangements) 
Lolita Delmonteil-Ayral (chant, tambour de basque)  
Camille Raibaud (violon, bouzouki, choeurs)  
Simon Portefaix (batterie et percussions)

1. Ronda dels viatges / Amazone (ronde du Quercy)
2. Suites de bourrées (bourrées à trois temps)
3. Quand io eri hilha a marider (branle béarnais)
4. Cercle de Thoux (cercle circassien)
5. Valsoprano (valse)
6. Avenueschottis (scottish)
7. Suite du Haut Agenais
8. Polka du Berry - Lo rainal e lo merle
9. En Grenada

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Digresk - Alkemi (2011 Bretagne/France) @320

01. Awen (rond de st-vincent)
02. Ar melezour-trelañ (koz et c'hoat)
03. Crop circle (cercle circassien)
04. Siwazh ! (laridé)
05. Triptych of a tribal trip (bourrée)
06. Da bep lec'h (kas ha barh)
07. Electro spleen (plinn - ton simpl)
08. Electro spleen (plinn - bal)
09. Electro spleen (plinn - ton doubl)
10. Dislontegezh (hanter dro)
11. Palouma (polka)
12. Pilerie d'astoure (pilé menu)
13. Pok-ha-pok (valse)
14. Extra

Frédéric DALIBOT - Guitare basse, Guitare électrique  depuis 2010
Yves-Marie DENIS - Bombarde depuis 2013
Anthony MOURIER - Batterie
Julien MOURIER - Guitare basse, Guitare électrique
Ghislain  ROQUET - Flûte traversière en bois, Cornemuse écossaise
Nicolas ROZE - Accordéon diatonique

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Folk och Rackare - Folk och Rackare (1976 Sweden) @192

Folk och Rackare is a music album of 1976 by the Swedish group Folk och Rackare. 
The album consists of interpretations of Swedish medieval ballads, songs and folk music in a style influenced by British folk rock. It was the People and rackares first album formal ties, but the leading figures Carin Kjellman and Ulf Gruvberg had two years earlier produced the disc with roots in the Middle Ages, which has the same type of material and a similar musical setting.

01 - Herr Olof och havsfrun
02 - Ack hör du lille erik
03 - Lille jon
04 - Bonden och kråkan
05 - Bondens hustru
06 - Tjänarens lott
07 - Näs ingars polska
08 - En ung sjöman förlustar sig
09 - Kustpolska efter alf h
10 - Alvefärd
11 - Bröllopsvisa från stångenäs
12 - De två systrarna

Bass, Acoustic Bass – Tommy Johnson (6) 
Drums – Ahmadu Jarr (tracks: 4), Janne Bandel (tracks: 1, 6, 12) 
Dulcimer, Mandolin, Spoons – Jørn Jensen 
Flute – Petter Ljunggren (tracks: 4, 9, 12) 
Flute, Oboe, Didgeridoo – Tomas Lundkvist (track: 4) 
Violin – Kalle Almlöf 
Violin, Fiddle – Jonny Soling 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jamie McMenemy - 4 (2012 Scotland) @320

Thanks to Matty!

01. Sae Will We Yet
02. Blackwell Court / As a Toiseach ( Be Off Mac ) / the Broken Torc
03. Wild Mountain Thyme
04. The Deil's Awa' Wi' the Exciseman / Drummond Castle
05. Miss Faw's Minuet
06. Forlorn My Love
07. Da Day Dawn / the Greenland Man's Tune / Barrowburn
08. John Barleycorn
09. Stone and Lime Wall
10. One More Bar
11. Robin Shure in Hairst
12. Whiskey Seller
13. Molly Rankin's / Buntata's Sgadan / Farewell to Decorum

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jamie McMenemy - The Road to Kerrigouarch (1981 Scotland) @192

"The Road To Kerrigouarch" / "War Hent Kerrigouarch"was the title given to the first solo LP by Scottish singer / bouzouki player Jamie McMenemy, soon after he left the "Battlefield Band", and previous to him forming "Kornog", which most probably followed on from it, as I think all of the members of what became "Kornog" played on that album. I could have sworn I’d posted it here, but apparently not. I’m 99% certain that Gerry Trimble got that tune from Jamie’s recording, and I think gave him credit for that in his sleeve notes.

01 - Wampy's - The Broom Blooms Bonnie
02 - The Fisherman's Wife
03 - Krivo Sadovsko Horo
04 - The Demon Lover
05 - Ladie's Fingers Jig
06 - The Lochmaben Harper
07 - Laride -  Reel (The Musical Priest)
08 - Bonnie Jean Cameron
09 - The Forfar Sojer
10 - War Hent Kerrigouarch - Sheriffmuir

Bodhrán, Vocals – Isabelle McMenemy
Fiddle, Concertina, Vocals – Brian McNeill
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar – Christian Lemaître
Guitar, Cittern – Soig Siberil
Vocals, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Cittern, Whistle, Guitar – Jamie McMenemy

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Ampouailh - Fest-noz ar Gêr Wenn (2009 Bretagne/France) @320

01. Gwaskañ douar (plinn ton simple)
02. Gwaskañ douar (plinn bal)
03. Gwaskañ douar (plinn ton double)
04. Jigs (cercle circassien)
05. Bukolik express ! (rond de Saint Vincent)
06. Divhav koat e perhempaul (kost ar c'hoat)
07. Dragiñ a dastorn (laridé 8 temps)
08. Ar gavotenn diabolik! (gavotte ton simple)
09. Ar gavotenn diabolik! (gavotte tamm kreiz)
10. Ar gavotenn diabolik! (gavotte ton double)
11. Ober troig mezv (polka)
12. Me zo en den yaouank (mélodies)

Mickaël Derrien - saxophone, clarinette
Marius Le Pourhiet - batterie, percussions
Simon Lotout - bombarde, subois
Thibault Lotout - accordéon diatonique
Erwan Moal - guitare

Pierre Droual - violon (4 & 11)
Gweltaz Hervé - barython (11)
Bagad Kerlenn Pondi (11)

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Various Artists - Atlantic Fiddles (1994 Canada) [320]

1.    Dave MacIsaac / The Honourable Mrs. Moules' ~ The Merry Lads of Air    2:24
2.    Brenda Stubbert / Willie Kennedy's ~ Smiths Delight ~ Homeward Bound    4:05
3.    Howie MacDonald / The Willow Tree ~ Sutherland's ~ Donegal    3:29
4.    Ashley MacIsaac / Miss Lyall's ~ Miss Lyall's ~ Sandy Cameron's ~ Carigon Broach    3:09
5.    Eddie Poirer / Autumn Leaf    2:14
6.    Tara Lynn Touesnard / Lauchie Stubbert's ~ Cheticamp Jig ~ Royal Wedding Jig    3:09
7.    Lloyd MacDonald / The Earl of Jura    3:23
8.    Kim Vincent / The Drunken Landlady ~ Shearing the Sheep    2:36
9.    Kyle MacNeil & Lucy MacNeil / Kantra to El Arish ~ Christi Campbell ~ Mabou Coal Mines ~ Alan Davidson    5:52
10.    Jerry Holland / Beautiful Lake Ainsley ~ Miss Grace Menzies ~ Mr. Bernard ~ Compliments to Buddy MacMaster    4:51
11.    Richard Wood / Fram Apon Him ~ Miss Catherine Anne Lamey's ~ Charlie Hunter's ~ Peggy's Jig    4:05
12.    Emile Benoit / Festival Reel ~ Jeff's Tune ~ Meech Lake Breakdown ~ McCormack's Breakdown    4:40
13.    Ned Landry / Governor General    3:40
14.    Donny LeBlanc / Hill's of Glenorchy ~ The Rovers Return ~ Stan's Jig    3:09
15.    Carl MacKenzie / Glen Fiddich ~ Neil Gows Fiddle ~ Celtic Ceilidh ~ John Campbell's Reel ~ Miss Mary Stuart of Derculich    3:58
16.    Natalie MacMaster / John Campbell's ~ Ann Moirs Birthday ~ Lady Georgina Campbell ~ Angus on the Turnpike ~ Sheehan's Reel    4:24
17.    Eddy Arsenault / La Reel du Brae    1:56

Monday, February 1, 2016

Moulettes - The Bear's Revenge (2012 England) @320

Moulettes are an English Folk Rock band. The band was formed in 2002 in Glastonbury by Hannah Miller (Songwriter, Vocals, Cello, Guitar), Dr. Ruth Skipper (Vocals, Bassoon, Auto-harp), Robert Skipper (later of The Holloways), Oliver Austin (Drums, Guitar, vocals) and Ted Dwane. The current line up is Hannah Miller, Ruth Skipper, Oliver Austin, Bassist Jim Mortimore (Arthur Brown, Chris Jagger) and Raevennan Husbandes (Guitar and Vocals). The band often plays in larger ensembles which have included Georgina Leach (Violin), percussionist Rob Arcari, Laura Hockenhull (Vocals), Faye Houston (Vocals), Mikey Simmonds (Violin), Anisa Arslanagic, Emma Gatrill (Harp), Kate Young (Violin), Eliza Jaye (Violin and Guitar) and Marcus Hamblett (Guitar, brass).

Moulettes are led by Female vocal harmony and Cello. The band is composed of multi-tasking, multi-instrumentalists who experiment with both electric and acoustic instruments, including deliberate distortion on the Bassoon and strings. The band often incorporate Orchestral and Progressive elements into their music and occasional play with a chamber orchestra. Their main influences include Björk, Kate Bush, Gentle Giant, Nick Cave, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The band have received positive reviews from mainstream press which has acknowledged the bands original sound.

01 - Sing Unto Me
02 - Country Joy
03 - Uca's Dance
04 - Some Who You Love
05 - Revenge of the Bear
06 - Songbird
07 - Muse Has Wings
08 - Unlock the Doors
09 - Half-Remembered Song
10 - Grumpelstiltskin's Jig
11 - Circle Song
12 - Blood and Thunder feat. Liz Green

Hannah Miller: Cello, Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimer [Hammered Dulcimer], Glockenspiel, Percussion
Ruth Skipper: Bassoon, Vocals, Autoharp, Kazoo
Tim Mortimore: Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Engineer
Ted Dwane: Double Bass, Vocals
Oliver Austin: Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Banjo
Rob ArcariPercussion, Washboard, Vocals 
Georgina LeachViolin, Viola, Vocals, Whistling
Faye Houston, Laura HockenhullVocals

VAG - Des sourires et des larmes (2005 France) @320

1. La belle vie à deux pas d'ici (bourrée)
2. The polka (polka)
3. Lettre d'un Lorientais (tricot)
4. Tu as bien faillis n'être (scottisch lente)
5. Elle respire doucement (mazurka-valse)
6. On veut des ronds (rd de st Vincent)
7. Terre amère (valse à 5 temps)
8. L'envollée de canards (valse)
9. Naufragé / La grande porte (cercle circassien)
10. L'araignée d'un soir (scottisch folle)
11. Caline (circle waltz)
12. Les bêtises d'Agalak (kost er c'hoat)
13. Prendre ma peine (valse à 8 temps)
14. Un regard de tendresse (valse caresse)
15. Un coeur à prendre (bourrée)

Philippe Étienne - Guitares 
Philippe Plard - Accordéon diatonique 
Florent Coubard - Violon, quinton électrique
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