Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dan Ar Braz Et L'heritage Des Celtes - Finisterres (1997 France) [275v0]

The Legacy of the Celts is a meeting of musicians from countries claiming the Celtic tradition, initiated by two Quimper, producer Jakez Bernard and singer-guitarist Dan Ar Braz. Together they play traditional Celtic music as well as compositions of Dan Ar Braz, on rock and folk arrangements.

Started as a gathering of friends to celebrate 70 years of the festival of Cornwall, adventure far exceeded their expectations: 2.5 million albums sold, thousands of spectators in the largest concert spaces of France (Bercy , Zéniths, stadiums, festivals) and two Grammys. Thus they are chosen to represent France at Eurovision 1996.

1.    Broken Prayer    2:48
2.    Holyhead    4:04
3.    La Costa De Galicia    3:37
4.    Mi Le M'uilinn    4:32
5.    Ril An Suaimhnis - The Copper Hills Of Beara    3:51
6.    Le Pays    5:34
7.    Evit Ar Barz    4:32
8.    La Broella    4:12
9.    Kilbrandon - The Little Cascade    3:44
10.    Left In Peace    4:44
11.    Finisterres    3:39
12.    Se Mo Gradh Na Gamhna Geala    4:15
13.    The Chestnut Tree - The Dreaming sea - Michael O'Dwyer's Jig    4:31
14.    Diwanit Bugale    4:18
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