Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jamie McMenemy - The Road to Kerrigouarch (1981 Scotland) @192

"The Road To Kerrigouarch" / "War Hent Kerrigouarch"was the title given to the first solo LP by Scottish singer / bouzouki player Jamie McMenemy, soon after he left the "Battlefield Band", and previous to him forming "Kornog", which most probably followed on from it, as I think all of the members of what became "Kornog" played on that album. I could have sworn I’d posted it here, but apparently not. I’m 99% certain that Gerry Trimble got that tune from Jamie’s recording, and I think gave him credit for that in his sleeve notes.

01 - Wampy's - The Broom Blooms Bonnie
02 - The Fisherman's Wife
03 - Krivo Sadovsko Horo
04 - The Demon Lover
05 - Ladie's Fingers Jig
06 - The Lochmaben Harper
07 - Laride -  Reel (The Musical Priest)
08 - Bonnie Jean Cameron
09 - The Forfar Sojer
10 - War Hent Kerrigouarch - Sheriffmuir

Bodhrán, Vocals – Isabelle McMenemy
Fiddle, Concertina, Vocals – Brian McNeill
Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar – Christian Lemaître
Guitar, Cittern – Soig Siberil
Vocals, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Cittern, Whistle, Guitar – Jamie McMenemy


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The Road to Kerrigouarch

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I have been searching this for years ! Thanks !

CrimsonKing said...

So it's more enjoyable to hear it!

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