Monday, February 1, 2016

Moulettes - The Bear's Revenge (2012 England) @320

Moulettes are an English Folk Rock band. The band was formed in 2002 in Glastonbury by Hannah Miller (Songwriter, Vocals, Cello, Guitar), Dr. Ruth Skipper (Vocals, Bassoon, Auto-harp), Robert Skipper (later of The Holloways), Oliver Austin (Drums, Guitar, vocals) and Ted Dwane. The current line up is Hannah Miller, Ruth Skipper, Oliver Austin, Bassist Jim Mortimore (Arthur Brown, Chris Jagger) and Raevennan Husbandes (Guitar and Vocals). The band often plays in larger ensembles which have included Georgina Leach (Violin), percussionist Rob Arcari, Laura Hockenhull (Vocals), Faye Houston (Vocals), Mikey Simmonds (Violin), Anisa Arslanagic, Emma Gatrill (Harp), Kate Young (Violin), Eliza Jaye (Violin and Guitar) and Marcus Hamblett (Guitar, brass).

Moulettes are led by Female vocal harmony and Cello. The band is composed of multi-tasking, multi-instrumentalists who experiment with both electric and acoustic instruments, including deliberate distortion on the Bassoon and strings. The band often incorporate Orchestral and Progressive elements into their music and occasional play with a chamber orchestra. Their main influences include Björk, Kate Bush, Gentle Giant, Nick Cave, The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The band have received positive reviews from mainstream press which has acknowledged the bands original sound.

01 - Sing Unto Me
02 - Country Joy
03 - Uca's Dance
04 - Some Who You Love
05 - Revenge of the Bear
06 - Songbird
07 - Muse Has Wings
08 - Unlock the Doors
09 - Half-Remembered Song
10 - Grumpelstiltskin's Jig
11 - Circle Song
12 - Blood and Thunder feat. Liz Green

Hannah Miller: Cello, Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimer [Hammered Dulcimer], Glockenspiel, Percussion
Ruth Skipper: Bassoon, Vocals, Autoharp, Kazoo
Tim Mortimore: Bass, Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo, Engineer
Ted Dwane: Double Bass, Vocals
Oliver Austin: Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Banjo
Rob ArcariPercussion, Washboard, Vocals 
Georgina LeachViolin, Viola, Vocals, Whistling
Faye Houston, Laura HockenhullVocals


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The Bear's Revenge


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Thank you for taking me to places I would never find with out your roadmap to magical music.
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