Saturday, March 5, 2016

Annbjørg Lien - Felefeber (Norway 1994) @320

The first album that Annbjorg Lien released after her attention-getting appearance on The Sweet Sunny North is a virtuoso performance from start to finish. Norwegian fiddling is less fast and flashy than Celtic or Appalachian styles, concentrating on delicate nunaces of tone rather than lightning-fast runs, and Annbjorg pulled out a set of beautiful and meditative pieces for this release. Her original compositions are arrestingly lovely, with the sleepy sounding title track sounding a bit like a Scottish lament played by a playful and creative pair of musicians. Elsewhere she plays solemn traditional hymns and sprightly folk tunes with vaguely Eastern European sounding time changes. The standout track is "The Plucked Halling," a musical tribute to a virtuoso fiddler who was renowned for his mastery of technically challenging tunes. This track quite appropriately strings together over a dozen different melodies in quick succession, and does it with a stately grace that is amazing to hear. Felefeber was a splendid breakout album, and a perfectly balanced and expertly played work that arrived just when it would be most noticed.

01 - The Water Lily 3:32
02 - Halling After Ola Mosafinn 2:41
03 - Springar After Kristiane Lund 3:36
04 - Fiddle Fever/Fiddlemania 5:11
05 - The Battle of the Drones 4:12
06 - The Lost Sheep 3:19
07 - The Plucked Halling 4:11
08 - The Moose Hunter 3:06
09 - A Little Child 5:48
10 - Dragos 4:15
11 - The Nordfjord Halling 3:47
12 - The Hildale Man 3:23
13 - Amen 3:35
14 - The Miller Boy's Bridal March 2:46

Annbjørg Lien: Fiddle, Arranger, Concept, String Instrument 
Roger Tallroth: Guitars, Arranger 
Iver Kleive: Church organ
Steinar Ofsdal: Flutes


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Annbjørg Lien & Roger Tallroth live at Celtic Colours International Festival 2015

She's great!

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The video link above reminded me of the many great nordic roots festivals i attended 10+ years ago that featured those two musicians. Thank you!!!!!

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