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BF.15 - Primeur (France 1997) [320]

Michel Aumont: clarinettes
Stéphane Morvan: bombardes, biniou
Philippe Ollivier: accordéon
Yvon Rouget: violon

Coop Breizh 4013390

Michel Aumont forms at the conservatory of Caen . Arriving in Brittany he learns the clarinet with traditional pipers and puts the instrument in the Breton groups. He will lead the fest-noz for twenty years with the band BF 15. It creates the clarinet Quintet in the 80s that will counterpoint Breton traditional music and contemporary music, improvised. He recorded with this training two CDs: Musique têtue & Bazh du. Many tours and albums will follow, especially with Louis Sclavis and Sylvain Kassap .

It occurs in many contexts shows or festivals, for example the Rencontres internationales de la clarinette populaire (International Meeting of the popular clarinet) .

It makes the bass clarinet his favorite instrument with which he placed alongside many artists in music, theater, dance and visual arts. Daniel Paboeuf (saxophonist), Jerome Thomas (juggler), Markus Schmid (mime dancer), Jean-Claude Charbonel (painter) ... In 2006, he participated in the creation of the show Emma the clown and his orchestra, played in 2010 at the Théâtre du Rond-Point.

Beyond all these meetings and creations, he continues to develop his particular musical universe he calls armorigène anchored in the lively music of Brittany and turned to music "d’ailleurs et de plus tard."

After Armorigène trio in 2008, Armorivielle project in 2009, he organized in 2010 the first public rehearsal of his septet Le Grand Orchestre Armorigène in the fisel festival .

In 2012, he actively participated in the album  Vers les lueurs de Dominique A, where together with his interpretations on this important wind section on the latest composition of the French singer.

In 2013, the first working sessions are planned for the Run show Jean-Luc Anneix (from the novel Running of Jean Echenoz ) which he wrote the music. The creation and first dates are scheduled in 2014.

End of 2014, it is also and above all the creation of Rhapsody Barbarian, with his Grand Orchestra armorigènE ...

Stephane Morvan grew up in a family of musicians. He made his first steps with his brother playing as a "couple biniou & bombarde".

At this time his passion for the wooden flute was growing and he improved his technic thanks to many local musicians. He then got some experience while playing in bands such as DAOUARN, BF15, FROGGY STEW, SHAFALI, PADDY WHACK, TINTAL, FLUTES 4 and duo MORVAN-PERROCHES. He founded JAPHTAL, an innovating trio, a subtle mix of breton music and indian rythms.

His passion for flute making began in the 90's, when he started making flutes for himself, based on Rudall & Rose or Pratten originals. It's only in 2005 that he decided to create his flute making company along with Youenn LeBihan, genious of music and instrument making (he makes his own bombardes and binious and plays in bands such as Gwerz, Skolvan).

Today Stephane is professionally setup as a flute maker in his own workshop in Finistere (Brittany) and has acquired a worldwide reputation, as his flutes are being played by some of the best flute players from Brittany, Ireland, USA, Spain...

1.    Romantique    0:22
2.    Ridées six temps    3:49
3.    Suite de Loudéac (Rond)    3:51
4.    Baleu    1:56
5.    Rond    3:27
6.    Riquegnée    1:25
7.    Rond de St Vincent    5:18
8.    Enervé    0:19
9.    Gavotte des montagnes (Ton Simpl)    2:41
10.    Tamm kreiz    1:30
11.    Ton doubl    4:06
12.    Hanter dro    7:00
13.    Décidé    0:34
14.    Suite fisel (Ton simpl)    1:57
15.    Bal    1:15
16.    Ton doubl    1:51
17.    An dro    5:25
18.    Dépouillé


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