Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Enda Scahill - Pick It Up (Ireland 2002) [320]

Enda Scahill comes from a very musical family from Corofin in East Galway and has long established himself as one of the finest exponents of traditional Irish banjo playing. His solo album Pick It Up (SUNCD 36. 2000) was widely acclaimed. Enda has been described as “just about the strongest banjo I’ve have ever heard” (Art Ketchin, Celtic Beat) and Irish American News in Chicago said “Enda does things on the banjo which should be impossible”. Irish Music Magazine has described his playing as “simply divine”.

Enda has been a member of the Brock McGuire Band since its inception in 2001; has performed with Sessions from the Hearth whose debut album was acclaimed by Hotpress as “the best ever live recording of Irish Music”; with the Furey Brothers and most recently with The Frankie Gavin Band in Ireland and Canada. He has been All Ireland Champion 4 times on Banjo and Mandolin and was finalist in the Celtic Note Young Musician of the Year in 1999.

1.    The Black Frog / The Sanctuary (Jigs)    3:03
2.    Maeve's Reels (Reels)    3:57
3.    Gan Ainm / The Big Reel of Ballynacally / The Red Haired Lass (Reels)    3:25
4.    The Happenchance(comp Enda Scahill) / An Tri si a Rian (Hornpipes)    2:59
5.    Fahy's Jig / Charlie Lennon's / P.J. Kings (Jigs)    4:08
6.    The Blacksmith / Paddy Raftery's (Jigs)    4:48
7.    Gan Ainm; Cepta Byrne's, The Shannon Jig (Jigs)    4:12
8.    The Pondering Jig / The Maid at the Spinning Wheel (Jigs)    3:42
9.    Gan Ainm / Liz Carroll's Slow Reels)    3:17
10.    The Soporific Hornpipe, The New Post Office, Gan Ainm (Hornpipe/Reels)    4:19
11.    Gan Ainm; The Taproom, The Yellow Cow (Reels)    3:22
12.    The Kerry Fling (Reels)    4:22


Skylamb said...

Pick It Up
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Anonymous said...

HUP!!! Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much - Enda is currently with the fantastic We Banjo 3 with his brother Fergal :)

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